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Zalman ZM-RS6F 5.1 surround sound headphones:
These have true separate speakers for (albeit close in) surround.  

First, let me remind all about the "quadrophonic headphones" of the 1970's  (big bulky things with 2 cords...  Um, well, that is what I am looking for.  You see I have a bunch of 1970's Quad LP's converted to DD/DTS, and the glorious "4.0" is awesome on a modern 5.1 system!

I want to get a portable DVD player with digital; outputs, and then get this aforementinoed box, and teh above headphones to have true "quad-on-the-go".

So anyone know of a "box" that has a HDMI, RCA Digital Audio or optical audio (TOSLINK)  input, and possibly analog RCA inputs, and a real (not Dynaquad or SRS, or other hocus pocus) discrete 6 channel (5 channel is OK) headphone-level outputs to the "PC" type female jacks as found on most soundcards, and possibly even amplified RCA outs, too?

(Of course I could play them from a PC, but I don't want to boot up a laptop and all that just to play some tunes...

Also, anyone know of a portable  FLAC player (not a MP3) player with more than 2 outputs???