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Movie Phones

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I think a year ago or so I posted a thread about getting my first set of headphones but never purchased any as its overwhelming as there are so many options.  Also, I don't have much of anyway to test them out other than buying from amazon and then return them if they are not to my liking.  I'm in an apartment and I need something to have so I don't disturb the neighbors or someone in the other room at night.  I have been looking and looking and I come across alot of the same choices.  My budget is between $200 to $500.  I also have no desktop amp.  I do however have a hometheater setup and I use a Yamaha RX 1900 as my pre/pro.  I do like my explosions but I also need to hear voices/dialog as well.  I have had my eye on the DT880 Premiums.  250 and 600 ohm. 


What do you all think?  I know there are a ton of movie headphone threads and I have probably been through all of them but I want something based on my input.

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Any input as I'm about to purchase myself a pair of the DT880s in the 600 ohm version?

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maybe you should look into the hd595. they're very good for cinema and you could use the extra money to buy an amp

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The DT880s are great for movies. They're pretty much good for everything in general. They don't specialize in anything though, so if you want them exclusively for movies they'll be great but I think there might be better options (not sure though, I'm not as familiar with headphones for movies). 


As for pricing. If I were you I would go for a a DT880 (any ohm depending on whether you'll occasionally run them ampless or not) They all sound the same. If you're going to be amping them most of the time, go with 250 or 600. I suggest a cheaper AMP/DAC combo such as the E7/E9. That will pretty much put your purchase at around $420 for the DT880s and a DAC/AMP. 

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I think I'll be happy with the DT880s.  I'll definitely give those a try.

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Denon D2000 or DT 770/880/990 600ohm.  The newer 770 600 ohm models have ports for increased bass, making them a solid choice for movie watching, and they're closed.  

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