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Have I been ripped off?

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Just the other day, I ordered a pair of DT880 off ebay. The item was listed as the 250ohm version. However the version I received is the 32ohm one.

I did a search on headfi, and found that people generally think that the 250ohm version is superior because of its less reliance on current. However, no one actually stated HOW it's better, except for the 600ohm version having better mids among other things. But that doesn't apply to my case.

Is the difference in impedance worth the trouble of contacting the seller and possibly the money to ship it back?
Thank you for your help

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FWIR, I was under the impression that the 32ohm version was very close in sound quality to the 600ohm version, with the 250 ohm being the "least" of the 3 options.


On the other hand, I have also read that as of the 2009 and newer models (even though it's still called the "05"), sound quality is pretty much identical amongst the 3.


of course, considering that you paid for one thing and were sold another, yes you were "ripped off", although whether you got a lower quality product for your money or not is a matter of opinion.


If you have a solid state amp, you may actually prefer the 32ohm version, as solid states are usually better at supplying current than tube amps (relatively speaking).

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