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Originally Posted by aorbinati View Post

You need to use the search function and read or just let everyone tell you how your own ears work.  


Is there an option to ignore keywords or thread topics?



My friend, perhaps some of us don't have the time to read through a trillion posts on the topic of "burn in", and would rather ask the question and get a few thoughtful and informative responses.

Your response was neither informative nor thoughtful, and to be honest...just plain rude. I thought you would have realized that after 4,200 posts.

My friend, perhaps when you have a few more posts you'll realize you won't get an answer and that your thread will turn into every other burn-in thread.  Whatever answer you accept will be based on faith of one sort or another.  Sorry to rain on your parade.  What may also be considered rude is to ignore every topical thread made in history and start a 'hey look at me I'm special' thread.  All those posts and threads you claim to not have time for have failed to yield THE answer so how do you expect to find it in a few pages here?  You are basically going around asking people if you should believe in God because you don't have the time to read anything relevant on the matter.  I assumed when you said, "there seems to be a fair deal of contradiction on this topic" you understood that.  Perhaps what you said wasn't what you meant to say.  No problem.  Sorry to be harsh but your thread topic basically amounts to a bi-weekly troll thread we see all the time.  Nothing personal.    


Post #8 pretty much sums up where the whole question of burn-in goes and diverges.  So if you find that useful more power to ya.  I'll offer my 2 cents then.  Should you choose to burn in your phones just use high quality music at volume levels that wont clip or distort or damage the drivers.  You can listen to them or toss them in a drawer w/ music playing.  Makes no difference.  Stay away from pink noise IMO.    

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I appreciate the help everyone, thanks!
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