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Houston Meetup 2011

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A couple of us earlier had gotten confused by a reposting in last years meetup, myself included. After talking to Orcin he mentioned he was too busy to host a meetup this year and suggested I host one. It took a little convincing but the owners of the music store I work at have offered to host a Houston meetup on a Sunday. After discussing it we came up with the following.


Place: Sweet Spot Audio and More, located at I-45 & 518 in League City.


Time: From around 12:00 to around 6:00


Date: Sunday, January 16 2011


Gear: They have offered the use of the sound rooms and the equipment inside. I don't really see us using the speakers but some of the source components such as the Rega turntables, CD players, and Naim gear and demo Grado headphones could be used. Other than that it is pretty much bring your own gear. (Please nothing that is going to catch fire or explode. I do have fire extinguishers but do not wish to use them)


Please post if interested in the event and any gear you might want to bring. Lets hope this works.

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You took all of the hard work out of this for me hehe. I was planning on talking to them as well for a Houston meet. It's great to hear that they agreed to it!! But, I was reallyyyy hoping to do this on a weekend as it may be a lot more convenient for most of us working Houstonians. I've dropped by there a couple times on the weekend, and my thoughts were that the meet could stimulate a lot of consumer traffic while the meet was going on...would be a ton of fun! It may be a little rough for me on a Monday, but please count me in anyways for any day that you decide. I'll probably need to submit a vacation day a couple weeks in advance, so i'll subscribe to this forum for any updates. 


I'll bring the following gear:


Amps + sources

  • 2 laptops as sources
  • HRT Streamer 2
  • Musical Fidelity V-DAC
  • FiiO E7/E9
  • Little Dot MK IV SE
  • s:flo 2
  • Blue Circle Hat Peed Thingee
  • PA2V2
  • Sony CDP-XA1ES



  • Denon AHD2000
  • AKG k701
  • Beyerdynamic DT990 / 600ohm
  • Koss Portapro
  • Grado 325is



  • surge protector / power filter
  • Canon T2i DSLR
  • Canon XH A1 HDV camcorder


*thought it would be nice to record the event and then youtube and flickr it, if that's ok with the owners smily_headphones1.gif


**also, any ideas on allowing us to bring hor dourves and libations?



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Monday is not a good day for me too. It would have been awesome if we could do this over the weekend. There is always some last minute meeting or urgent issue at work which will ruin the plan even if I decide to take the day off. So weekend will be the best option.


I have the following gear with me


> Headphones

    - Denon AH-D2000

    - Shure SE 310

    - AKG K 701

    - HiFiMan LE5 (Default & silver-copper cables from HiFiMan and Silver Dragon cable from Moon Audio)

    - Denon AH-D7000 (with JMoney Pads)


> Amps

    - HeadRoom AirHead

    - NuForce HDP

    - HeadRoom Ultra Micro DAC & AMP with Astrodyne power supply


> Source (well nothing great here) 

    - iPod Classic with NuForce Line Out

    - Toshiba Laptop

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It is possible to do it on Sunday but not until 4:00 or 5:00 if that is any better. 

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That will work a lot better for me (and I get to save a vacation day). I'm in!

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How does January 16 from 12:00 to 9:00pm sound to everyone? Its a Sunday and we can have the store all day.

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That's an even better time window. Count me in.

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I can make it. My gear isn't very impressive, but I'd be happy to bring it for curiosity sake, if nothing else. No worries if it is embarrassing and I need to leave it in the car. :-)


Amp: Bravo Audio V2

Source: Laptop with Behringer USB DAC

Headphones: Shure SRH-840, AudioTechnica ATH-AD700

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The feedback and interest I have been getting has been great guys keep it coming. The store owners have been extrememly impressed by the feedback as well and are looking to expand our offerings towards the headphone community. We are picking up Audio Technica in the next few weeks and the partners are discussing bringing in a third headphone line in January with the Grado line doing so well. Right now it looks like either Sennheiser or Beyerdynamic. They are also looking for a line of headphone amps to bring in as well besides the Grado RA-1. All the partners will be in attendance for the event and looking for feedback and suggestions from the head-fi community. I am excited for this event and hope this may be the begining to having a good headphone store in the Houston area. If this meetup goes well this will easily become an annual or even semiannual event. We will also be having in store specials on vinyl and equipment as well. Please post any interest or suggestions in the thread and don't just send me PMs please.

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Thqts greats news to hear! Im especially excited to hear that the owners are interested in expanding their product to the head fi arena. Vendors are coming out with tons of new quality headphone gear that is much more affordable compared to several years ago.

If it were me, i would look into selling entry level equipment as well, such as the fiio e9 and e7 and some of the nuforce dacs and amps. Senns and Beyers are aesome cans and definitely top sellers, im sure. Really happy to hear that sweet spot wants to host more of these events. I think its a fantastic idea.

LookinG forward to more updates!biggrin.gif
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Great news. Thanks for the hard work guys, esp. MadMatt2600.

I can go to a meet in Houston in a weekend with Beyer T1, Hifiman HM801, AMB M3 and Gamma2. Maybe a balanced Bijou, but I am not sure.

Jan 16th 12 to 9P will work for me, although I may be leave early. Please keep me posted.

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I'm in for pretty much any time except the very end of December. I could bring the gear in my sig (depends on how many people are interested in listening to the AudioGD equipment) if there's interest :)

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Originally Posted by wompa164 View Post

I'm in for pretty much any time except the very end of December. I could bring the gear in my sig (depends on how many people are interested in listening to the AudioGD equipment) if there's interest smily_headphones1.gif

Nice! Id love to hear the audio gd gear....and the hd650's. I'm dying to hear the notorious dark sound!
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The meetup is a go for January 16. That is a Sunday, from 12:00 to around 9:00. All gear is welcome and feel free to bring friends.

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Considering attending, but will have to see if I can get Monday off and if I really want to drive that much (8 hours one way, hence asking off Monday) since I'll also be attending the Dallas meet in the same month (3 1/2 hours).

Looks like a good time.
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