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Hi All,

I wanted to try Cerafine capacitors for my first Cmoy/Hansen/JMT amp. I had heard that they eliminate the thump from powering the amp up and that they were more musical - better bass especially. But I couldn't find them in the values I needed through the usual sources (Angela, Wellborne, Hand Made, Percy...).

So I went local...

I work for a lighting manufacturer and we have many suppliers of electronic components. One of whom is an Elna rep (and Wima, Clarostat, other good stuff). They could get the values I needed but I had to satisfy Elnas minimum order - they sell them in bags! Also - there was an 8-week lead time

So way back in October I bought:

220uF/25V (10mm x 20mm) - These fit PERFECTLY on the Cmoy/Hansen/JMT board.
470uF/25V (12.5mm x 25mm) - These fit on the Cmoy/Hansen/JMT board as well with a little creative lead bending.
1000uF/35 (18mm x 35.5mm) - These will not fit the Cmoy/Hansen/JMT board!

And they got here last week!

Cmoy/Hansen/JMT with 220uF/25V

Cmoy/Hansen/JMT with 470uF/25V

Size comparison 1000uF, 470uF, 220uF, 47uF

So do they live up to their promise? I think so! I put the 220uF in my first amp and the thump was gone. I put 470uF in and the Bass was Big. I am designing an amp around the 1000uF's now and I have very high expectations for it as well.

So now I'm selling the 220uF for $ .75, the 470uF for $1.50, and the 1000uF for $3.50.

I will ship them anywhere in the USA for $3.50 shipping & handling via USPS first class mail. If I recieve your paid order in the morning I will ship that afternoon. I have a PayPal account ( or I accept money orders. If you have any questions (like my address) my IM is always on at my other (not-yet-spammed) hotmail address (erix_inc@).

Cerafine your Cmoy for $5!

Also, If there is enough interest I can supply all the caps (including the Cerafines) for a Cmoy/Hansen/JMT board in Wima MKP10 for $8. To do this there are a couple of values that are 4 weeks lead time - so let me know!