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I've been using a pair of Monster Turbines for the past one year, but just recently I've started having issues with the cable right near the 3.5mm jack because of which sound is cutting off in the right channel. Anyways, I feel this is reason enough for me to move on and get a new pair of earphones. My budget is $300.


I've been looking at the Shure SE425, and they look really tempting. Having used Shures before (Shure SCL-2) I know that the cable-behind-the-ear design of Shures does not bother me. Also, I really, really like the fact that the SE425s have a user-replaceable cable.


However, some of the online reviews I read about it at Amazon state things to the following effect:

"The bass is too understated, even compared to Shure's "flat-sound" standards."


Now, I'm not a big bass junkie. The ideal level of base for me is the kind my Grado SR60i deliver. You can hear the bass, but its not overpowering. Do the 425s deliver similar bass, or is it rather under-stated?


Are there any other earphones in my budget that I should consider? If they have replaceable cables, that would be awesome.