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Help building a Beta22

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Hey guys Im thinking of building a beta22 and it would be my first DIY...not the easiest but Im confident I can do it with out much problem. I will be building it and right now I have Grado RS-1's but will be upgrading to the LCD-2's so if anyone thinks a beta22 with a sigma 22 power supply wouldn't work well please tell me. I found this kit and want to know if this is really all the parts I need?


beta kit: http://www.glassjaraudio.com/product.sc?productId=5


sigma 22 power supply: http://www.glassjaraudio.com/product.sc;jsessionid=F51669CBE0394CA5021775C10DB65EA4.qscstrfrnt06?productId=3


Also, can anyone point me to find some cases? I think I want to build the 3 board design as I dont really need the amp to be fully balanced?


Thanks guys!

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I like Par-Metal 20-series anodized aluminum enclosures.

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but are those the right parts?

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Those are kits to completely populate the boards... you still have to buy everything that isn't "on the boards" - jacks, wiring, volume control, etc.

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what kind of price are we looking at for all the other stuff, any idea?

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Same price as for any other amp... it depends on what you're looking to buy.  I'd look at what the kits include and going from there.

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What about taking some time to read through the dozens of threads regarding 1st time B22 builds and all the other ones? Most questions are answered and you'll find the iformation much faster than waiting for replies here.


There's a thread here which compiles all the B22 threads together, have fun and Do It Yourself.

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