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I personally find Sennheiser's higher-end (HD6x0/ HD800) to look rather nice.  And why do the looks really matter if they're on your head and you're enjoying musical bliss? Besides, Sennheiser is German, so consider them to be like the Porsche of design.  The HD6x0 would be the 911, which is classically designed and has stuck with a well recongnised and generally well-liked tradition.  The HD800s would be the Carrera GT (or now the 918 Spyder), with the lower Sennheiser models being compared to the Boxster and Cayman.  Just because they don't look as different as everything else doesn't mean that they are terrible to drive. Quite the opposite in fact.


Obviously this is a weird analogy, but I thought it made sense; so I apologise if it doesn't.


The analogy works perfectly, and I agree that Sennheiser makes awesome looking headphones.  I want to say that the design isn't modern enough, but I'm not sure thats what it really is, they do have a very modern design.  I guess it all comes down to 'bling' lol.  When it comes to Grados (extreme example), many people will like the retro design, and a lot of younger people will just see it as 'old'.


When the average joe needs to buy a car, they get a low end or even used car.  It's only the rich folk, or those who really want performance (and are willing to eat kraft dinner every night to afford it) go for the Porsche.  You could say that the beats are like the 2010 Camaro, faster than the average Civic, but will get completely dusted by a Porsche.

Thank you, that's exactly what I was going for.

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Err...anyone else have trouble making any sense of OP's "story"?


It's just so far off.  Thinking Dre has anything to do w/ any of these phones other than posing for photos is ill informed.  No more than Quincy Jones, Diddy, Lady Gaga or Miles Davis who actually died in 1991 so his input was limited.  This is coming from someone that owns the MDs and every single NWA album plus Dre's 'The Chronic'.  Honestly, neither the Beats fanboys and uber Monster haters have any idea WTH they are talking about.  I wouldn't mind hearing the Pros though and I bet they might sound pretty good especially if you find them around $250 at some point.  All the external construction looks fantastic, no idea about the drivers.    

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My Bellari HA-540 doesn't hiss.  A headphone that is designed for portable use (no with an amp) should not hiss IMO.

Good luck finding any active NC that doesn't hiss.

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Dr. Dre's beats hurt my ears, but I'm not talking about the headphones!

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To me, when I first saw the HD series of Senns, i thought they just looked cheap and looked like 2 speakers hung on a stick. It was fully plastic. However, beats made it all shiny and the price and packaging made it look way better than the Senns. So when people wear them out, other people goes "Woah! they look great". But im sure if you wear a HD800 out (for whatever odd reason), you'll get a lot of attention too. IMO the HD800s looks much better.

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They're tricycles with bling!


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LOL if we're continuing the car analogy, then i think the HD 800 is the car from 'Back to the Future.' 


bf-back.jpg vroom!


there's no doubt in my mind that the 'Back to the future car' is at the heart of the HD 800

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Sorry for the revival but shouldn't headphone x be the B&W p5?
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as a former Beat fan I don't really think the MP5 is good looking for the young crowd, it's like a Mercedes, at least in my opinion if we are doing the car reference, while the Beat is like the Aston Martin (by look, not performance)....(I think I exaggerateda little )

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here is my view on them

Beats= Douchebag

Vmoda Crossfade = Tool

but the b&w p5= clean and elegant.


oh and and by cars it should have been B&W p5 = Rolls Royce

                                                          Beats = Corvette                 = No comparison :P


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It's true that the Beats aren't good for their price range, but when the general population has been stuck with their plain ole' Apple earbuds and Skullcandy, of course Beats are going to sound like a godsend. Hell, I thought Beats sounded great when I tried them at Best Buy. Point is, you have to give Dre and Monster credit for putting Dre's name on it, having good aesthetics, and marketing it like crazy. Sadly, I haven't heard anything better than the Beats so far, but hopefully once my ATH-M50s get delivered to my house, I'll have a different opinion. (Yes I'm very new to this forum and the audophile world)

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Ahh the M50. Word of warning, the bass doesn't start to kick in until the fifth song or so. Then, it's bass eargasm all the way, just slightly less punchy than the fake-sounding Beats but lightyears more pronounced and clear.
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Originally Posted by crinacle View Post

Ahh the M50. Word of warning, the bass doesn't start to kick in until the fifth song or so. Then, it's bass eargasm all the way, just slightly less punchy than the fake-sounding Beats but lightyears more pronounced and clear.

Thanks for the heads up haha. Grr... I'm really anxious to get them in the mail (they don't come in till like next Wed/Thu) while I'm at college lol.

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I've never heard the beats and honestly I don't like how they look at all, but you've got to give it to whoever is behind the beats line apart from Dre, they're doing something right. It reminds me of apple-if there's one thing that apple above anyone else has shown me it's that to sell products to the average consumer these days it's basically ALL about marketing and looks. The amount of people I know that go on and on about wanting the iphone, or the latest ipod, and boasting about how cool their mac is is astounding and honestly 90% of them haven't got a clue of what they're talking about, they've just been swayed by apples admittedly very good marketing and their ability to dress up the standard technology and make it look great. Therefore they can get away with charging more than it's really worth because it just looks so good and people are talking about it so it must be better, right? Just like the huge hype with the iphone, the beats seem to be the iphone of the headphone world. Most people who want iphones (at least in my experience from talking to people who have one or want one)  don't care about looking into other smartphones to see what else is on the market that might be better or better suit their needs, they want the iphone end of story, just because it's the iphone and it's going to be a step up from a lot of other phones.


I'm new to the audiophile world and I only just got my first pair of decent phones but at least I always knew before now that my headphones were crap, I just simply couldn't afford to spend money on anything better. When I finally got some money together to buy something a bit decent I started to do some research and asked for guidance on here. So if people don't want to research the products available to them before they drop a big chunk of money on them that's their own fault and honestly I almost admire whoever else is behind the beats line because they know what it takes to sell their product to these types of consumers, you can't blame them for making what they know will sell.

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Originally Posted by Riku540 View Post

How could Dre know what good headphones are when he doesn't know what good music is?


Oh yes, I went there.

It pays his bills.

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