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Does anyone have any idea could these be driven out of those cheap Class-T amps that are sold at ebay? Or is this bad idea? I remember some people driving their HE-6 out of speaker amps with good results. And the TA2020 amps are very good sounding. (with speakers, that is)

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Have no experience with the ebay amps you mention, so I won't comment there. But the solution is quite simple and inexpensive. Get on your local craigslist and start scoping out some vintage receivers...Pioneer, Sanui, Marantaz. Go do some reading on the vintage receiver thread and educate yourself. Take about $100 and go buy the vintage receiver of your choice and prepared to have your mind blown by what you can get for $100. 


My Pioneer sx-650 has just as much punch, dynamics and refinement as any amp I've owned. I use the Pioneer to drive the he4 exclusively now. 

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Yeah it would probably be a good idea to hunt one of those vintage amps.. Bad thing is just that they are so big and heavy, and in my dorm room, space is at a premium.


Do you get any hiss when you drive the headphones through your speaker amp? Most vintage amps that I have owned in the past have had quite strong background noise.

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It depends on the amp and the hp being used. With my hd650 I do get a very faint hiss when no music is playing. With orthos the background is completely black.


Right now I'm using the Asgard2 as a pre-amp to the Pioneer. This is working out beautifully. wink.gif

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Sounds nice. Btw, could you clarify are you using the headphone output or speaker output of the amp for driving the HE-4? I'm a bit confused here.


And yeah the most amps that I owned weren't as hifi as your SX650, for example is. So could be that the hiss is less with better amps.

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I'm using the headphone out on the sx-650. In most of these vintage amps they use the same output stage on the headphone jack as they do for the speaker out. That's why there is so much power there. 


There is quite a bit of variation among these older receivers. I've found that the Pioneer line is pretty darn good. Anything with x50 is good. (sx-650/750/850/950/1250)

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Lol I must be stupid. For a while I thought people were using the actual speaker outputs to drive their headphones. Of course the TA2020 based amps won't work then.. I assume.

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Originally Posted by Headzone View Post

Lol I must be stupid. For a while I thought people were using the actual speaker outputs to drive their headphones. Of course the TA2020 based amps won't work then.. I assume.


Oh but they are my friend. You can have a cable constructed that attached to the speaker output of any of these vintage/non vintage amps...usually referred to as a speaker tap cable. Then you have the ability to drive the most difficult hp's out there including the he-6. 

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Originally Posted by preproman View Post



Get it now..  I think they also have a return period..


Hmm, I'm interested. I don't feel like spending on a new cable to run through speaker taps, though. However, I just might have to anyway because the wire going to my left headphone cup is starting to wear and the audio pops in and out :/

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FWIW...I'd do it if I were in the same situation. 

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i had my he-4 and ef5 for a long time now, I just love the sound, its plenty loud for me? I would not trade detailed sound for a louder sound. also I would try different dacs if your not happy with the sound. the hrt musicstreamer II+ sounds like analog with the he-4 and ef5. just a sweeeeeeet combo.

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great dacs for he-4 and ef-5 would be: hm-601, old arcam alpha 9 cd player (dcs ring dac inside), electrocompaniet ecd-1, old vintage multibit dacs with something like pmd-100 digital filter and nice analog output stage


I know exactly what to buy and for the music quality terms I finally sold my Lyr and kept EF-5, but when there is more power pumped into something like low sensitive orthos, everything becomes bigger, soundstage is jaw drapping, drum bass is real life experience (though I like bass from ef-5 but still much amount of power is something in completely different league)


he-400, no thanks, after listening to piano or cello there was only one winner even after a few notes, even with nice bass of he-400, after listening many systems throughout many years, he-4 wins hands down for me, in many aspects, especially soundstage, imaging, more detailed / textured bass, natural treble energy, one of the best middle I have heard (middle in he-400 was the main reason to send them back, it was too dark, veiled on many amps, hiding too many beautiful things that are there - a heart of music)

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+1  I agree

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After about 4 months ef-5 (newest revision with gain settings under the amplifier unit) changed too, even on stock tube 12au7 fullmusic (love that tube for higher middle and decay, details and space, I have 12au7 from Radiotechnique for some other genres), bass became so strong, quality of this bass is really amazing, so detailed, so airy and powerful, can't believe you can buy these headphones for that low price, I'm thinking of buying another extra pair and keep them safe for the future


I wonder how would they sound with some transrotor (new turntable) as a source + speaker amp ... :D


Even listening to many stuff on youtube, even from some ****ty azalia codec onboard this is unbelievable, I can hear distortion of poor quality file but there is still amazing realism of the performance which sucks me deep and deep into the music, I am so happy after so many years ... damn, hearing almost all dynamic headphones, so many and expensive amps (though wa6 maxxxed or rudistor rpx-33 ev-08 with hd600 were nice combination with arcam alpha 9 as a source, there was amazing magic, thick, syroupy sound, with amazing airness, drive but not that level of realism, speed, transient, power)


HE-4 are made to play with pure transistors with nice power output, I would opt for class A, matched transistors (no feedbacks), dual mono design with no capacitors in audio path, 5-8W but surprisingly ef-5 does amazing job, has something special in its sound signature


check out a few examples of what I mean (make sure to turn the volume up):




























and so on ...


having youtube these days you need nothing more, even at low quality like rostropovich cello bach (breathtaking on he-4+ef-5 combo despite 240p quality, this is amazing)

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I'd like to add that the he-4, known to be tough to drive, sounds incredible on some vintage receivers. I've tried the Pioneer sx-650 and now the Sansui 9090db. The Pioneer is very good but the Sansui is simply amazing. 

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