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Man, I was pretty close to selling my HE-4 because I was thinking the HE-400 would be better for me and not be amp demanding. But, I thought about it some more and decided to stick with my trusty HE-4. I'll be getting an EF-5 for them shortly; impressions to come.


What I really came back to this thread for was to post more earpad impressions. 


I've been using the pleather pads for the past month. Things were fine. Just today I tried the cloth pads again...they sound SO much better (to me) ! 

No, there's no upgrade/downgrade in sound quality, it's just that the presentation from the cloth pads sound so much nicer IMO. 

It gives everything a bit of distance so now the soundstage is quite roomy and comfortable with more perceived depth.

The pleather pads are too shallow. The soundstage was more like listening to a flat wall and everything was more forward...not a good thing with the HE-4's forward sound sig.


I believe the new Hifiman models are shipped with newer pleather pads that are thicker? Anyone know if these are the same pads you can purchase individually? Because I got the pleather pads when head-direct first released them and I would interested in another pair if they have been upgraded since.

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Gonna collect a used pair of HE-4s bought for about 250 bucks soon, decided to take the plunge and not go for the HE-400s, hope I didn't make the wrong choice haha. Can't wait to plug it in :)

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Originally Posted by voodoohao View Post

Gonna collect a used pair of HE-4s bought for about 250 bucks soon, decided to take the plunge and not go for the HE-400s, hope I didn't make the wrong choice haha. Can't wait to plug it in :)

Wait for a week or so, when the earliest pre-order shipments of HE-400 start arriving at headfiers' hands, and impressions start flowing out. Then you could make a feasible decision I think.


Never mind, you plunged already! Lol.

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Haha yeah. Now part of me is hoping that reviews of the HE-400 won't be THAT glowing

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would these pair well with a schiit valhalla or asgard?

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I can speak for the Valhalla but not the Asgard. To me, the Valhalla was not able to drive the HE-4's with any authority. they sounded weak and a bit this with poor bass response and extension. There just wasn't enough oomph out of the Valhalla to drive the HE-4's to the fullest which is why i quickly sold my Valhalla shortly after getting it.

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do you think a lyr would be better for them, or are they better suited for solid state

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The Lyr is what I used for the HE400, and I feel the HE4 needed every bit as much power as the Lyr gave. The only SS amps in the Lyr price range that I know of that can power the HE-4 well would be the Audio GD amps.
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Im looking into getting these and a decent tube amp in the lyr price range. Are there any that would drive the he-4 better?

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I highly doubt that. The Lyr has an ungodly amount of driving force. Sure, something might have more synergy, but in terms of raw power, the Lyr is a safe bet for the HE-4. I thought it was a very good combo.
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Thanks, that my be what i ask for for christmas. Can anyone compare the HE4 to the Beyer 990 pro?

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I've owned both. The HE-4 is less bassy (still great bass quantity), more refined in both bass and treble. The soundstage is smaller. The HE-4 sounds quite a bit more organic than the 990 Pros. Both have recessed mids, but the HE-4s are considerably less recessed than the 990 pros. The HE-4 is an upgrade to the 990s, other than not having the massive bass that the 990 pros have, but still being quite enjoyable. The treble is still sparkly, but not ear torturing sharp as the 990 pros.
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thank you, thats really helpful. are there any that you like better of a similar price?

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The HE400. $50 cheaper than the HE-4, and a LOT easier to drive. Doesn't require Lyr-like power. Buy it with velour pads, and it will have you in awe. It has better mids, and is even more refined than the HE-4. Seriously, it's made me give up looking for that ONE headphone that does everything well.
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ok ill do some research on them, i havent really looked at them at all yet. Ive mostly focused on the hd600, he4 and 990 pro. would the he400 pair well with a valhalla?

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