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Anyone know of good amps for the HE-4?


A Lyr is what I want, but it's a bit out of my price range. I'm looking for something in the $200-300 range.

I'm looking at the Audio-GD amps, but I want to know of other potential options.

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NFB-5 is doing well for me.  But I haven't had another amps other than the D10 cobra.  

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Anyone know of good amps for the HE-4?


A Lyr is what I want, but it's a bit out of my price range. I'm looking for something in the $200-300 range.

I'm looking at the Audio-GD amps, but I want to know of other potential options.


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So I got the HE-4 today from another head-fi member and while it is too early for any real impressions as I've heard it for around 10 minutes I do like what I hear. I did do some research before buying and there was a good amount of comparisons with the DT880. I own a DT880 600 ohms and have owned it for a while and it is my favorite headphone. I think there are some similarities between the two but also some differences based on what I'm heading so far but still too early.


These are orthos so they enjoy having a good powerful amp and I think the amp I'm using should fit the bill. While my amp doesn't state the output at 38 ohms it does state 2000 mW into 32 and 2700mW into 50 so I believe these have enough :) My current setup is my laptop connected to my Yulong D100 dac and V200 amp.

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Recently I have noticed that the "fowardness" and sharpness is less of a problem for me. I'm still just running them out of my E9, though. I think it's just my ears becoming accustomed to the sound signature. Which I don't like because I don't like the idea of my ears becoming desensitized. Gah, I'm craving a new amp for these so badly!

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Have you tried the FS forum for amps? I saw a CTH there a few days ago but doubt it's still there.


I don't think there's a problem with being accustomed to a certain sound signature as it is only natural to do that especially if you listen to them a lot. It is nice to have something neutral that allows you to have something that can be used as a reference if that is something that you have. I really like the HE-4 especially the cable and hoping that head direct will allow me to buy a HE4 cable separately for my HE-500.


The HE4 sounds great out of the V200 amp but that is out of your price range. I don't know too much about amps int he 200-300 range but maybe you can see if anyone has tried these with the Matrix M Stage. My other amp is a PPAv2 but you can't buy the boards anymore and can only get them in the FS if someone is selling.

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Yea, I look at them all the time, but I really don't have any money at all to be thrown at hi-fi gear. Maybe when the holidays come around I can see about getting that Lyr, but I'm also pretty optimistic about pairing the HE-4 with Audio-GD's "budget" dac/amps. 


btw, regarding becoming accustomed to sound sig, sure it's normal and all, it's just that in the case of the HE-4 I was finding the sound almost discomforting. Now I feel like my ear drums have been "killed off" a little bit; desensitized. The words I'm using are too strong but I'm just trying to get my experience across. I listen to the HE-4 probably an hour daily on average. I've become a little worried that my ears will NEED to listen to only energetic and forward sound and won't be able to "go back". Maybe I should buy some Senns to complement my HE-4; bring balance to the force.

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the he-300 is $299

the he-4 is $449


is the $150 difference worth it?  im looking for an accurate and clear sound but "fun" sounding

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I'm using the NFB-5 with the HE-4.  It runs it well and I like the sound.  On top of that I use it mostly with my xbox 360 and with the mix amp.  But the NFB-5 is good for now unless I upgrade to the NFB-10se.  

Oh I forgot to mention but I am also using a moon audio black dragon with the he-4.  With the cable it comes with it felt that the mids were recessed a little.  With the black dragon cable it help to balance what out.  

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Hi guys I'm currently considering purchasing a pair of used HE-4s, and was wondering if it would synergize well with a Darkvoice 332 as an amp, with a Dacport LX serving as the dac. Also what would the street price be on used HE-4s? I've checked HeadDirect and the MSRP of HE-4 is currently 450USD (correct me if I'm wrong here), so plus shipping that should be around 480USD for a brand new pair of HE-4s right?

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So, what would you guys do in my situation?


I currently have the FiiO E9+E7 combo, looking for an upgrade with a ~$300 budget.


Two options:


1. Get an Audio-GD NFB-12 like I've been planning to for a while now. I'm curious to how the DAC compares to my E7. Supposedly it is clearly better. I'm also interested in the adjustable filters. The NFB-12 has a powerful amp section -- comparable to the Hifiman EF-5. Overall, this sounds like an awesome bang-for-your-buck choice.


2. Go for a (used) Hifiman EF-5. I've seen a couple in FS/FT forums for about $300. I've heard lots of good things about this amp, especially when paired up with the HE-4. Output power is about the same as the NFB-12 but amping qualities should outclass it by far. If I get the EF-5 I will be using the E7 as the DAC with the line-out adapter.


It's a difficult decision. I like that the NFB-12 will give me awesome DAC capabilities while providing plenty of output power; I expect this to be superior to the E9+E7 in every way. But I'm also lusting over getting the EF-5 which I'd really like to pair my HE-4s with to create a super sexy and awesome Hifiman rig. But then I'm stuck with the E7 DAC (which I guess isn't a bad thing).


Please give me some input! What would you do? I'm open to other amp/dac options!


EDIT: Oh, and I also like that the NFB-12 saves me $60+, which is a LOT of money to college kid like me.

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I would find the EF5 tempting as well for the aesthetic reasons, however if the AudioGD is an upgrade in both amp and DAC then I would definitely go that route. I almost bought an NFB-12 off of eBay the other day, but before I decided to buy I was looking over the recent posts in the big thread and lost interest. I didn't quickly understand the controversy over the filters so lost all my motivation. I don't want another amp anyway - I would rather get the best for buck by spending more on just an old used DAC. I am fine with using vintage receivers as headphones amps - they are cheap, pretty, powerful (especially via speaker out) and can sound excellent. A lot of people including myself found Marantz 22xx series to "synergize" well with the HIFIMAN orthos. 

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Thanks for your thoughts. 

Then again, the E7 is still a competent DAC, and a tube amp of the likes of the EF-5 synergize well with Hifiman orthos (like the vintage Marantz). 


So the big question is which would have the greatest impact on sound quality?


better DAC + competent amp OR competent DAC + better amp?


Now that I think about it, the latter might be the better route. Anyone else care to chime in? You'll be helping me out on a relatively big investment! I won't be able to upgrade for a while after this 




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Yeah I too am interested in wether if a DAC upgrade is more important once you have a competent amp. That is what I am trying to figure out for myself right now and am looking at yesteryears' high end DACs vs new DACs going for the same price. Based on my readings an older all-around well designed DAC is the way to go (despite having older DAC chip technology). 

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It's settled. I'm definitely going for the Hifiman EF-5. I have lost interest in the NFB-12 as well. 

I'm going to get an L7 for my E7. The E7 should be satisfying enough. However, if I'm feeling spendy on my upcoming birthday, the FiiO E17 looks interesting. Mike from headphonia seems to be really enjoying it. Also, there's an optical input! Finally I will pair up my PS3 with my headphone setup!

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Yeah PS3 optical to DAC here too. And have another setup with optical out of airport express router for wireless music. :)

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