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Originally Posted by Rinx7 View Post

There is no genre that the HE-4 isn't good with.

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Originally Posted by Soundsgoodtome View Post

It's not just a matter of volume but quality of sound. I tried the HE4 on a E18 and it sounds terrible simply put. Closed soundstage, piercing highs, no bass, and everything just sounds closed in. The HE400 on the other hand sound very much like it would plugged to the 900mW D100 as it did on the e18. E18 puts out 300mw @ 32ohm fwiw.

I think I might have said this before, but with headphones like the HE 4, we hit a point at which many high end headphones, and amps "sound the same" but feel different. The reason I love my pb2 and NFB10ES2 is because of the quality of sound and the tactility it gives the HE 4, 


this is assuming your working with what should be an ideally "transparent" amp, I've got LME 49990 OP amps in my Pb2 with dummy Buffers, so it's pretty transparent or as much as it can b


Non the less, yea quality of sound and more imporantly tactility, are what seperate thousand dollars amps from hundred dollar ones 


don't forget that sound is felt as much as it is heard, the only different is much or little you take notice of that feeling 

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I really want to know if the jump to an he6 would be worth it. Id also like to hear the he4 on a well paired tube amp, and maybe on a vintage re-capped fully tested pioneer sx-1080 or higher, i need to start garage sale hunting again! Someone pay for my sx-727 to be recapped i dont have the time!

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Thought I'd give everyone a heads up...


EF-5 - $322 shipped

Great deal that pairs nicely with the HE-4 (posted in the deals thread)
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I let a member audition the HE560 and HE4 after Saturday's meet and they preferred the HE4 over the 560. Dunn DUN DunnnnnnN!

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