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Originally Posted by Ron12 View Post

 Are there any noticable sound differences?

Not really. The Shure pads make the sound maybe a minuscule warmer. After putting the pleathers back on, I definitely prefer the alacantra pads.

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I loved the Shure Alcantaras when I borrowed a friend's 1840. Wasn't quite proper for the 1840, but I felt the Alcantaras had the possibility of being a good replacement for headphones that the pads can fit on and were used to a good seal from leather/pleather.

Sounds like something special with the HE-4. I always thought they could stand to be warmer, though i only tried the HE-4 with the original, super comfy velours. Not sure they still use the original velours now, or switched to the crappier velours.
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I will have to try those alacantra pads at some point. The hifiman velours aren't great, although better than how they feel with the HE-400 due to the lighter weight, but after a while they get a little itchy.
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Problem is, which velours do you have? The original velours from years ago with the bad clear plastic tabs, or the newer velours that are a bit stiffer and not as comfy, without the clear plastic tabs of rage.
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i think they are newer. I am a newb when it comes to hifiman, what are the plastic tabs of rage? smily_headphones1.gif
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If you look at the backside of the pads, does it have an clear plastic bottom with 4 'teeth' or tabs that are what hold the pads in place on the headphone? Chances are, if you do... you're gonna have a hell of a time putting it back on, and possibly break a tab in the process.

Those pads are the old models, and they were softer, more comfortable, but more problematic than the newer velour pads. they also had a sort of hard glue around the inner rim of the pad's openings, which could potentially rub against your ears and cause discomfort.

edit: here is an image of what I'm referring to. OI took this a while ago when I owned the HE-4 (not sure if it was my 1st or 2nd).

Disregard the DT990 underneath.
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I just checked the FS post, and it stated they are the newer pads.
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I just posted the pic, does the back look like that? if so, it's the older one, if not, it's the newer...
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I don't want to take them off right now. but I'm almost certain they are the newer one since they were described as "updated velour pad".
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According to this the newer pads are not as breakable as the older ones? My HE4 came in a hard travel case. Dont know if that helps to know if its the newer or older version
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the headphones themselves are from the first batch i believe. the pads are newer though.
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interesting bit of infor, my Beyer pads have conformed to my ears, they have indentations, or areas where they are a tad smuched that have thusly made them some what angled lol


so beyer pads need some time to break in before they sound the best, I just gave mine their first wash... hope that doesn't ruin the sound

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i really recommend the alcantaras in replacement of the velours, these things are amazingly comfortable. I cant compare to the pleathers ( someone asked earlier if i could) because i never had pleathers while owning these. So far ive used, shure 840 pads, hifiman velour, jergpad pleathers w velour top, alpha pads and these alcantaras. Thus far, the alcantaras change the sound the absolute least, still cant pin point exactly need more back and fourth, working 6 11's at work right now so not much time and energy for the hps, but my last hour of the night, is dedicated to music. Really, this is the best $40 ive spent in a while just because how comfortable they are, and how little they change my beloved he4. Somebody loan me an he6!!!! ill pay!

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Originally Posted by hemipowered007 View Post

Some have ordered the new hifiman pads, but no reviews on the he4 yet. My guess, not going to work....the jergpads didnt, and thats what these are based off, why would the new hfm pads work? But judging that the he560 is a redesigned he4, which it seems like it is, maybe theyll work fantastic!

According to head direct, this pads and this pads are compatible with all the HE Series.

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Originally Posted by escobar090 View Post

According to head direct, this pads and this pads are compatible with all the HE Series.

never said they wouldnt fit, just said dont count on them working great.

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