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You people Are crazy. Pick up a speaker amp at goodwill for ten bucks and run your he4 with entry of power.
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Why? It's like using a car battery for a wrist watch.

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The midi-chlorian count of this thread has drastically decreased in only a week's time.

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Originally Posted by Thujone View Post

The midi-chlorian count of this thread has drastically decreased in only a week's time.

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Honestly, imo if your going to buy the HE 4, or rather pay for it 


at least have a decent amp to go with it


heck for what $360 you can buy a new DT 880 and Schiit Vali, which will sound as good if not better than a HE 4 under driven 


I mean I had the DT 880 and I found the Sub bass it had with the Vali was AWESOME, and imo the dt 880 out of the vali sounds better than the HE 4 out of my friends random speaker amp... I tested it right before I shipped my dt 880 out

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I have no problem with the idea "you need a great quality amp over a poor quality amp". I have a problem with "you need an amp with more power over a 'low' powered amp". The latter is utterly false, which is the point I've been trying to get across.

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Audio-gd on desk, waiting for balanced cable....so sad
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I'm wondering just how much you're missing by running the HE-4 off such a weak amp. The loss in dynamics and authority must be pretty significant. Just going back what I heard with the E9 which is powerful 'enough' for the HE-4 and how utterly lacking it was when compared to the Lyr and SA-31. I say this being a big fan of the E9 and how good it sounds with most headphones (even those with impedance too low for the 1/8th rule). The HE-4 sounded positively strained off the E9.

But if you wanna argue the numerical data, then I guess it falls on deaf ears. Pun not intended.

Must be all that O2 blindness. I've seen so many disappointing impressions on how well the O2 sounds off certain headphones.... yet, people still argue it's all you'll ever need.

If it's a matter of the HE-4 scaling, then surely those who pair it with such weak amps must REALLY be missing out on the HE-4's potential.
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Scaling is a phenomenon that occurs with increasing quality, not power output quantity. Power output quantity gets you volume. Nothing else.
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You're not missing much on the mids and highs, the bass however is incredibly lacking. To me it's like a finely built sports car with an excellent suspension that can take corners well and an engine that has a lot of midrange torque as well as a great hp peak. Only thing is you put cheap gas and it still handles great and can still go fast but the acceleration and mid range torque lessens by a noticeable difference. Still a great car but you took away all of what it can give with cheap gas.
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Considering how I have compared the E9 to the SA-31 directly (since they're both SS amps) with other headphones, they all still sounded somewhat similar, including those notorious for scaling (HD650, Q701). The HE-4 was a completely different beast, in that well, it didn't sound all too good off the E9. No headphone has ever sounded so strained like the HE-4 did to me off the E9 which is a great amp for the price.

But sure... it's just all about quality.
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The lack of bass punch does not have anything to do with power output, it's just the Vali's sig. I do like the analogy though biggrin.gif

What amps you like and what amps you didn't like, it's beside the point. Every single amp will have to fuel the exact same amount of power to attain to a certain SPL on a specific headphone. None of the overhead power is used, ever, unless you turn up the volume even more.

I really don't know how I can better explain this concept…
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The bass was the same to slightly similar when comparing the q701, and 668b between the Vali and Audio-GD (single ended 1200mW). Unfortunately the only balanced in my possession was the he4 so no comparison were made with those models above with the balanced output of the Audio-GD v Vali.

Maybe hemi can chime in with his newly acquired amp if the he4 sounds the same out of the AUDIO-GD with 1200mW se and 9w balanced.
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Oh damn! I didn't realize the balanced output had 9W when the SE is 1.2W. I'm guessing that there are three different amp architectures then? One for the SE and two for the balanced? Either way I imagine that you aren't using any of the same circuitry, so it's essentially two different amps. Then again I'm not up to par on my amp architecture knowledge :o

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@Thujone, how the Project Ember sounds compared to Vali?

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