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The lyr is a special amp IMO...with or without "perfect" tubes. But when it comes to driving and pairing with hp's like the he-4 and he-6, I'd take an old Pioneer over the lyr every time. I have the sx890/1050/1280. Even the sx890 outclassed the lyr on the he4.

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Exactly as MattTCG says I'm not saying the Lyr is a bad headphone amp (maybe it sounds like it from my posts but that's strickly with the He-4) just not ideal with the HE-4. My pioneer is the 680 so a couple of models below Matt's but WOW.

As you can see in the pic the Lyr is still in my setup, just not used ATM. I can't put myself to selling it for when I get other headphones, because let's be honest 1 (I guess in my case, 2 isn't enough)

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my brains thinking again, which is never a good thing. A while back, i left my shure 840 pads streched on the hifiman rings, and they actually ended up being a good fit, a little small, but not bad. Heres the inquiry, those new shure 1540 alcantra pads....what would they sound/feel like? My whole issue is driver distancemay be to close to the ear. I think i want the alpha pds though, as they look so comfy, and i want a mad dog anyways so, here comes more overtime. But wouldnt the alphas put your ears around a half inch further?  New years day is double time and a half! 

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I need to try the alpha pads this weekend. I got a pair I can take off my T50RP.
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Please, let me know of your impressions with the Alpha Pads. TBH, I don't think I have heard a positive review of the Alpha's with HiFiMan's but I don't think anyone has posted any impressions of the Alpha Pads specifically with the HE-4 other than myself. I would definitely like to know what other people think other than my own impression.



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I've tried alpha pads on the he-4. It didn't work IMO. 

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I really didn't like them on the HE-400. It just sounded super hollow.


Listening to the Alphas right now. Not having the same problem that I had with the HE-400's, but they sound a bit thinner than the velours. I'm not getting the bass that I get with the velours in terms of impact and quantity. Other than that though, they actually sound pretty good. They obviously add a bit more soundstage width and I'm not getting the hollowness that I normally get from Alphas which is a nice change. Ultimately though, I wouldn't be able to do this for too long since I need DAT BASS ATTACK. I like getting punched in the head (at reasonable listening volumes of course :p ).


Let's just say "I'm surprised it doesn't suck". Switching back to velours now...

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I really wish those alphas would work, partly for looks alone tbh. I know someone jerg modded them, but I'm not willing to pay $60 then cut holes in those beauties to test that out. I'm also guessing it wouldn't change their inherent flaws with hfms. Oh well.
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They work well with the HE-4, just not my cup of tea. If you prefer their signature, I couldn't blame you. Putting them on the HE-400 though, I would blame you ;). You could probably use a bit of a bass boost and end up with a similar signature to the velours and keep the comfort of the Alphas (and the wider stage).


Yeah, hans was pretty ballsy with cutting holes in his pair! I don't think anyone is going to follow suit any time soon with that.

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So the alphas didn't seem to harm the mids and highs much? Just the lower end and soundstage width?
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I think I'm the only one who really like the Stock Denon pads on the HiFimans. :blink:

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Originally Posted by hemipowered007 View Post

So the alphas didn't seem to harm the mids and highs much? Just the lower end and soundstage width?


Yeah. They just seem to thin out the signature a bit. The highs may be a touch more prominent though.

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I think I'm the only one who really like the Stock Denon pads on the HiFimans. :blink:


I think that would be a really good thing to try... Don't have any of those pads on hand though. 

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 Even the sx890 outclassed the lyr on the he4.

The one you are going to hopefully sell me someday :wink:........

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HI guys. 

I had a loaned pair of HE-4 during few days and I really loved this headphone. I like clarity , fastness and overall sound signature. A bit too much treble but nothing bad for my tastes. How does the HE-4 compare to HE5-LE and HE-6 ?  very far or quite close ? 


I'm considering to sell my HD800  for financial considerations and this HE-4 is a good option for my tastes :)  

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alright fellow he4 lovers and advocates of its greatness!!! So, i managed to temp fix my pioneer enough to where i dont even know if i want to do anymore cap and resistor replacing. I had my eye on the mini-x, but since i dont really see "needing" it at this point, im concentrating on the source aspect. So, (and this is all based off me being able to afford something after an xmas trip to oregon and no overtime at work), i really want to upgrade my dac. Now, i have asked before, and im coming from a 40 dollar dac destroyer, and have only heard an e17 beyond that. Heres my ordeal, theres so many choices, and im really trying to reach that end-gamish point, but not beyond, lets say 400. The upgraded maverick tubemagic d2 still stands as a frontrunner, but then theres the emotiva xda-2, the grant fidelity tubedacs, and their knockoffs by xiangsheng, as well as the ever popular bifrost, and audio gd dacs. I really hate continously clogging this thread with my questions, but im just stuck now deciding, i had my eyes locked on the d2, but just dont know if something else under 400 would be really noticeably better than the others. Keep in mind, this will be for the he4 and probably a mad dog 3.2 and further down an alpha dog transformation. And that is ALL for me, no other hps. just orthos, just those 2, and ill keep my iems for portables.

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