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Bose AE2 - Any good? (No mindless Bose bashing, please)

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First off, I know Bose has a generally bad name on these forums... But every thread I find it just shows people bashing their larger speakers (which have nothing to do with their headphones), or they supply absolutely no reason as to WHY a certain pair of headphones isn't good. Bose just came out with new AE2 (around ear) headphones to replace their old Tri-ports, and I'd love to hear some audiophiles' input. I tried them out in the store and found them to be insanely comfortable. The mids and highs were very sharp, but the bass was a bit lacking for my tastes. I haven't tried too many headphones, though, so I'm not sure what exactly I'm looking for in sound quality. To the other extreme, the Bose On-Ear headphones were waaaaay overpowering in the bass and I found them to be very muddy-sounding compared to these AE2's. I'd really appreciate some honest opinions from people who know what to listen for! If you didn't like them, I'd love to hear why.

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Sorry for not being able to add impressions, but I did want to give a little perspective as to why Bose (and Beats) aren't very well liked here. It's not so much that they are bad headphones, because they are actually not; they're decent. It's the fact that they sell 'decent' headphones at outrageous prices ripping off the average consumer who is ignorant to what else is out there. Considering the price of Bose's headphones, you can get either the same quality for much cheaper, or much better quality for the same price.

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BOSE`s headphone is too expensive to buy,if u got that much money,u can have a better one than bose,the price is too high

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I know they're a bit overpriced, but that's something to expect from a popular brand name. It's just the way it is. My main concern is that I'm having a really difficult time finding something comfortable for me. I wear glasses, and it's very frustrating trying to find headphones that work well with glasses. I tried buying the Denon AH-D1100 headphones, and while I loved the sound, my glasses caused a pretty tight, uncomfortable fit. It hurt my jaw bones, too. Lastly, and most importantly, the padding was too stiff. This opened up the seal where my glasses extend to my ears and really degraded the sound quality. I also tried a number of others in retail stores with similar results. The AE2's were extremely comfortable to wear with my glasses, and the soft padding helped close that seal on my glasses that many other headphones couldn't. I feel that while Bose may somewhat lack in the sound quality department, their comfort levels are something that many other companies don't really come close to. I just wish I could find a pair of headphones that are just as comfortable with padding just as soft, but I'm having a very difficult time. That is my reasoning for liking the AE2's so far.

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Have you tried any Audio-Technicas or Beyerdynamics? Both are outstanding in both comfort and sound; I wear glasses at home and can wear them for hours and often forget they're even on.

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You thought the bass was lacking?! hmm I guess new Bose are finally going to more neutral direction that's a good news. I was actually going to recommend D1100 but if you thought there wasn't much difference in sound by all means get them.

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I just heard the new AE2 at the demo station in bestbuy. Compared to the OE, the AE2 and new QC15 are less bloated in the bass and mids. They are still a little bassy, but its not as bass focused as the OE or the older AE. Much more balanced.  


This is all I can say due to only preset demo songs.  But the same demo songs were compared to the OE. And the AE2, despite being cheaper, sounds much better than OE.  


I remember the demos with original AE, the AE sounded reflectious and washed out, while the OE was tubby and has fat bass and overly rich vocals. The AE2 actually sounded more neutral and faithful than any other headphone there, including beats pro (which were also quite nice but wayyyyy to overpriced.)

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I ordered a pair of AE2's from Bose after having listened to them at a BestBuy store display that barely worked.  They are the most comfortable phones I've ever tried.  Even more so than my beloved HD-580's.  Yet they stay put, or at least they do on my big, fat noggin.  It's a little soon for me to make any grand pronunciations concerning sound quality, but I can say that, compared to my old 580's, the AE2 is more revealing and bassier.  Hard to go beyond that this early, but the old Sennheisers still have a nice smoothness, or mellow character that I like, and which may prove more desirable over time than the Bose' clarity.  But still in all, the Bose sound great!  I think they will be very good for portable use (which is why I bought them in the first place) as they have decent sound isolation, and like I said before, they stay put.  Also, they are relatively compact and "un-geeky" looking, to me, for a circumaural design.

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I don't know why, but I just got the strangest and most random urge to go through with a pair of these...


EDIT: Nevermind, I'm back in reality. I just crave all headphones that are known for comfort...

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Since some of these posts aren't exactly about the AE2, I figured I could offend and comment about the QC2. It had the nicest midrange I ever heard, or so I thought. And I wonder if that might have been the noise cancellation more than the inherent audio quality making the difference. The QC2 was bass-heavy, but just tolerable. What really offended me wasn't the $300 price, it was the fact that I kept them at home and took great care with them, yet the headband broke on both sides (with no pressure except putting on my head), then the 'phones quit entirely, all just after the warranty expired. I also asked Bose and some of their stores for an extended warranty on a new 'phone that would not have exchange limits within the extended warranty period. They refused. My feeling is that their product quality is very poor.
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I usually use inner ears but I just bought a pair of these Bose AE2s for use at home. They are really nice, I like the design and how they look and the sound quality is good too but a bit quiet compared to my inner ears Sennheiser IE7. 


I know maybe I should have done more research and got a something better for about the same price but I really wanted to own something that is BOSE lol the brand name is pretty cool. Also I heard that even though Bose AE2s SQ may not be as good as others for the same price it actually makes up for in design and comfort so fair dos.

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I have an old pair of Triport that is taped up and really should be retired.  I have been using Bose for years that I am loyal to them in a way. I have since bought other brands but still enjoy the Triport from time to time. I did buy the new AE2 just to compare it to the old pair but I have to admit that it is still sealed in the box from December.

Bose phones are very comfortable and to me it is not as bad as some described it. And, if I may add, Bose has one of the best excellent customer service that I have experienced.

Your Bose headphone is worth something towards an upgrade, no recepit needed.biggrin.gif


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Consider buying Creative Aurvana Live!'s



They are better than bose at less than half the price.


Creative Aurvana Live!'s have the same drivers (and are practically the same thing) as the Denon D1001's.

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Actually I have the Denon D-1001 which are supposed to be identical to the creative aurvana live's.......my preference is leaned very much towards Bose (shudders everyone?).  The Denon's are far too muddy bassy.  Bose AE2 are very balanced in comparison.  Nice and airy, and very comfy to boot.  Makes me regret a little why I bought the beyer's T50p.


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