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Hi Baronbeehive, are your Bendix 6080 tubes the same as the one in the photo below?

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I have a set of 4 of these heavy graphite plate tubes, are they as good as the reviews say they are? (I have not got around to putting them in the amp yet) When coupled with The Little Dot MK VI+ how do they perform? 

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I have some like that and some with the slot in the plates. Having been lucky with a seller who I asked if he had a set when he was selling one tube, I subsequenly managed to persuade him to see if he could put together any more sets which he did. So it is possible to obtain tubes even when the price is going stratospheric as they were then. I think they are a great all rounder, very detailed and punchy yet smooth, balanced and musical, not sterile or analytical, certainly not laid back either. I love to listen to jazz type drums where you can really hear all the different sounds coming through so clearly from the round bongo sounds to the different metallic sounds of cymbals depending on where the drumstick hits them. Good attack and decay but not overly sharp sounding. I found these tubes really excell at this kind of detail. There are minimal differences between the 2 types with the ones with the slots being slightly more airy possibly.

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OK, I tried out the Graphite Plate Bendix tubes and I did find them to be energetic and musical, big on the bass (not as OVER big as the Gold Brand ) but I thought they were a bit to rich in the bass at the expense of loosing some of the very high frequency detail and transparency. 


I have put back the Svetlana 6N5S tubes, they have a good balance of sound, bass that is there without being over emphasised, and amazing high frequency details with a very good mid range. Some people might find them to be to analytical, a bit to revealing, but I like to be somewhat overwhelmed by detail coming at me from every direction, which is what the Svetlana 6N5S do.

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Originally Posted by ozaudios View Post

In photo 1:
Power Tubes:
Svetlana 6N5S {Military version of 6N13S) made in 1968, bought recently N.O.S. for $15 each. I like these tubes, they sound clean and clear with good instrument separation and big sound-stage.
Hey! I just recieved these from the tube store as you linked. Altho stupid as I am, I forgot to ask for match quads :s Will it work anyway or what do I got to do?
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4 X Military spec tubes from one Manufacturer, all with the same date code will usually be very close in electrical values. The Little Dot MK VI+ has Auto-Biasing,( the amp will adjust the voltage fed to the tubes so that all the outputs match )  so small differences in electrical value of the tubes is no problem. Just put the 4 new tubes into the amp and switch it on as usual (with phones connected and volume at zero) and see what the value on the mA gauge is. The two gauges should have almost identical values. Keep the volume at lower levels for the first 30 minutes and do not worry if some crackles and popping can be heard, just the new tube burning in.

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Yes the two gauges should have almost identical values otherwise there is a problem and should immediately turn off the amp and investigate the cause. Yes, use the same tube version for the power tubes.

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Cheers guys! Will test later smily_headphones1.gif
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Was nothing to worry about :) The dials are on exactly the same spot.


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You can make sure they are match close enough by switching the middle tubes, then number tube 1 and 3. If the meter reading is the same in all cases, you are all good.

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Ah ok, might do that someday smily_headphones1.gif Cheers! I'm thankful for all the tips I can get smily_headphones1.gif
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Haha my dad was a bit scared when the tubes started to crackle and such!
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Originally Posted by Androb View Post

Ah cool biggrin.gif I love the looks of the pro-ject TT

Hi Androb, if you are going to buy a Pro-ject Turntable then look around and ask questions...MAKE SURE YOU GET THE 16 VOLT AC MOTOR...... I got a Debut Carbon from the USA, and it has the 16 Volt AC motor which can be supplied from the Speedbox S,($120 US, 89 GBP) which supplies 16 Volt AC with a stability of 0.001%. The standard model Esprit Turntable will have a 15 Volt DC or an 18 Volt DC motor,and the Speedbox S will not work with that. The Speedbox S will work with any turntable with a 16 Volt AC motor. 


You might want to order a turntable from USA and buy a Speedbox S locally so that it works with your local power supply (I am not sure what voltage etc is supplied in Sweden)


Technical specifications

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit (DC)


33, 45 (manual speed change)

Drive principle

belt drive


300mm acrylic platter

Mains bearing

stainless steel

Wow & flutter

+/- 0,10%

Speed drift

+/- 0,80%


Technische Daten

Pro-Ject Speed Box S


18V DC


16 V AC / 190mA (up to 3W max)


+/- 0,001%



The Speedbox S has speed stability 800 times better than the standard Esprit or Carbon.

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Some research suggests that the 'SPEED STABILITY' is almost the same as 'WOW AND FLUTTER' , so the Speedbox S specifications are only 100 times better than the standard Esprit specifications, and not 800 times better like I stated in my last post. But even if the figures were only 10 times better I would pay an extra one or two hundred to get the model with the more stable speed.

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Has anyone used a Little Dot MK VI+ with the LCD-X yet?
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Not yet, but you can send me your LCD-X and I'll try ;)

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