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jant71 - I guess we should separate bass extension from a full viciseral bass.  For example the Ety extends deep but is all tonal, there's very little weight or impact to it. 


I haven't heard e-Q7 but back in the spring when they were the hot IEM they were often compared with GR8's.  From memory, the bass was described about equal in amounts or slightly more with GR8.  But GR10 has even more than GR8.  Not saying it's not possible but I would be really surprised if e-Q7 held it's own with GR10 since it is a definite step up from GR8.  I would take GR10 over SE535 and put it on equal ground with W3 which I think is still the best universal out there.


Sorry to get off topic...W2 is excellent dual driver at it's pricepoint, great looking, great fitting, great cables.  If my budget were that $250 range, it would be my first choice, no doubt.

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How do these compare to the IE7? Are they worth the extra $150?

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