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For Sale: FS: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speaker system

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For Sale:
FS: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speaker system

Will Ship To: Anywhere

In Manhattan, you would pay sales tax etc. on this item if you bought it instore or online, so even from say, for $340+$30+$23=$393 ($23 in shipping and $30 in sales tax) here, so I am offering this up for a ~40% discount. Remember this is unopened and in box, so it makes for a great gift item as well.


Directly purchased from (not a 3rd party reseller like Newegg) - I am the first and only owner and have the receipts/bill from the site as proof of purchase. It is still under the warranty period. The box has not been opened and is still sealed - same condition it was in when it came from Logitech. It is double wrapped, first in the original Logitech brown shipping box which you see in the picture, and second in Logitech's store packaging which you see in your local store (I bought this from their online store).

Because this came directly from, it should give you extra peace of mind as it is very easy to access them for things like a warranty etc. Keep in mind retailers such as Newegg don't have a return policy on the item as they consider this to be a 'Bulk Item'. Click on the below link and add it to your cart to see the warning from Newegg and you'll see why buying this from me (i.e. from is a better option.

Local pickup in UWS on Broadway and 112th Street (I will help with moving it).


Edit: Now open to shipping as well. Shipping at buyer's expense, you can choose your carrier.

Thanks for reading!



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Price drop. $240 now.


Need this to go to get a Christmas present for the wife.


Unopened/sealed in box. Heck, even the shipping box has not been opened.


Shipping to CONUS could be an option, but would prefer not to, this is seriously heavy equipment.

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