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Any audiophiles around Leeds (UK) area?

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Are there shops / audiophiles from around Leeds (UK) to meet up and possibly audition & share our equipment? =D

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Hi tuahogary, I'm up in Cumbria and would like to meet up with other audiophiles / head-fi fans too. I hope this post won't sound like I'm hijacking your thread but I just wanted to expand the idea a bit, so here goes!beerchug.gif


I've discovered a few threads from UK based head-fi'ers including some threads relating to meets that have happened in Manchester in 2009 and earlier. It sounds like the venue for that meet was ideal, having accommodation on site and being in a fairly central location nationally. I posted a couple of days ago on that thread in hope of getting some feedback as to how it went and whether the same people would like to arrange, and/or attend another meet, but as yet I haven't heard from anyone.


I would be happy to host a "mini meet" up here in the Lake District if a few people are interested (with emphasis on the "few" due to space)! We have an interesting array of computers and other pro audio source gear which would be fun to let others hear, as well as my own modest headphones, DAC/amp, etc. But people would have to bring their own equipment to make it a worthwhile event for all concerned. So it would be great to get the thoughts of any other head-fi'ers regarding when (or if) to organise a home meet, but mainly a bigger meet to maximise the range of gear - and experienced heads - to listen to! My organisational skills leave a lot to be desired but I have plenty of free time and am happy to help out as much as I can from home (I'm currently unable to travel, with an operation due in the next few weeks but it's not serious and has a fast recovery time. So I thought spring would be a good time to make arrangements for, both from a personal perspective, and because peeps will have had time to burn in their christmas presents!smily_headphones1.gif


Hope this thread starts getting some attention, and thanks to tuahogary for starting the ball rolling.atsmile.gif

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