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Wanted: B&W p5

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$0.00 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

B&W p5

Willing to Offer: 220

I am willing to pay 220 for the B&W p5's. I will need you to post it on amazon and that's a must wink.gif

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For Sale: $155 (USD)
For Sale: $15 (USD)
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may I ask why? Do you have an amazon coupon or something, paypal will let you pay through them without an account if that's the problem.

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amazon gift card on my account frown.gif so I got no other way of paying for them.

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Are you still looking? Its been 1.5 years, but I might as well ask haha

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If you're still looking, I also have a pair of P5s that are in great condition.

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I might be interested in. What's the price and where are you located?

I'm located in Istanbul, Turkey.

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