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For Sale or Trade: Grado GR8 [EU]

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$150 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale or Trade:
Grado GR8 [EU]

Will Trade For: see below
Will Ship To: EU



I have an almost new pair of Grado GR8 for sale. Bought them around October (but sorry, no receipt available) from a Danish dealer. They are in very good/perfect condition with everything included (bag with spare filters hasn't been even opened and the only tips used are medium ones).


I've used them for around 20-30 hours but they doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. I thought that Mustang would help them but I still prefer my other phones so the Grados have to go.


Price is 150€ + shipping.

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Bump! (will try to add some photos this week)

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BUMP with pricedrop. Still no pictures as I still don't have my camera.

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