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Toronto meet on November 20th! - Page 6

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Originally Posted by FallenAngel View Post

A little update - security has your Head-Fi username list - you will need to provide your Head-Fi username to get into the event.

The friend who's giving us a ride, would he be able to get in? He's not a head-fi member, so he's not on the list.

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Shouldn't be an issue - just have him give your Head-Fi user name.

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Sorry I won't be able to make it...this working for a living gets in the way! frown.gif

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I'm out too guys. Something came up, turns out we don't have a car to use for today. Have fun!
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Looks like I'm going to have to miss this one. I'm sick, and I've lost my voice. Don't want to make others sick, and it'd be a bit awkward to go to a social gathering without being able to talk. I hope you all have a great time, though, and many thanks to FallenAngel for hosting it!

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Hope you get well soon Djarum.

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Thanks to FallenAngel for hosting.


Everyone was awesome. It was a great experience even for a newbie like me.

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Thank you to everyone who was at the meet today! 


Charliex, it wouldn't be a meet without you.  Your contributions are what made the audio-world go 'round today and it was a fantastic experience for me.  You also get all of the credit if I decide that I only need one eye... to fund a pair of K1000s, of course biggrin.gif


FallenAngel, thank you for taking the huge initiative and responsibility to clean up... What I mean to say is that we all really appreciate you going out of your way to set this up.  It was perfectly executed and I'm very satisfied with the amount of listening that I was able to do.  It was also a pleasure to talk to you and try out your (pro) DIY gear.  Truly impressive, to say the least!


I had a wonderful time meeting all of you and it's nice to know that head-fiers are such pleasant and generous people.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon! 

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Thank you FallenAngel. Nice meeting everybody. Good times.

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Meet impressions thread : :)

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Can't believe I missed this !!

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