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For Sale:
Faulty 8gb Sansa Fuze Half Black half Blue + Sandisk 16gb micro SD

Will Ship To: USA

The fuzes face plate was swapped a few weeks ago, its a blue face on a black body.  The battery is like new, over the past few weeks since I've had it, it has lasted more than 15 hours and stand by time seems like new.  It was giving me the white screen and shutting on and off by itself.  Seems to work ok right now after a hard reboot, but odds are strong something is wrong with it.  It has some good battle scars


$25 shipped for it since it could be an easy fix



Also for sale is a mint SanDisk 16gb micro sd, it will be reformatted before I ship it to you.  Also $25 its only a few weeks old and hardly used. 

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