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So I've decided.


I'm going to get the AKG k240S (waiting to see if any deals spring up.  I'm in no rush.)  Its also a good way to try some new signatures and see if i like them.


With some extra cash lying around I was planning on getting a fiio e7+e9.  I know that its a little overkill for the k240s, but later down the road, I plan on picking up a pair of headphones to which I've narrowed down to the Sennheiser hd600.

When I do get those 600s, its probably the end of the road for me, but I still have a while till then.  Any suggestions or criticisms of my rather short headphone journey? :P  But seriously, I'm curious if the e9 has enough power for the hd600s. 

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The E9 would definitely have the power to drive those well. I've heard the E9 can even drive the k701 quite well. I haven't tried the combination yet though.


Good choice on the k240S. I liked them so much I upgraded to the k601. I still use both of them all the time. K240 S (and k601) is even good for gaming.



  But seriously, I'm curious if the e9 has enough power for the hd600s. 
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I recommend one of the Beyers.


Ive tried nearly all the headphones under around $250 and I can honestly say I'm enjoying my DT880s the most.


My step was to get the headphones first, the save for an amp. You can do the same thing!


EDIT: Under 250 that are popular and get good reviews. 

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Well something new just came up.


My dad just threw away an old TV, but hes putting some 5.1 speakers and amplifier into storage.  The old amplifier is a Yamaha AV Receiver HR-5250 (http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/htr/htr-5250/?mode=model).  I'm thinking,maybe these could power some headphones too?  Theres a big fat 1/4" plug on the bottom left.  I'm looking at headphones such as Beyer 880 600 ohms.


Can these power headphones?  It might change my plans for the future (for the better).


EDIT: It also says this on the spec sheet for the headphone out:

Headphone Jack Rated Output/Impedance   |   CD, etc, (150mV, 8 ohms)...340mV/560 ohms


I have no experience with amps, just a basic knowledge so any input would be appreciated.

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bumpitty bump

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Most receivers have more than enough power for headphones.

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The 880 does not have strong bass at all, just so you know. Your receiver will power them, but there is a good chance it won't sound great. I have found typical consumer receivers to sound closed in and dull.

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