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cheap in ears headphones

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I am lookin for a good cheap in ears, I saw the panasonic rp hje-120, I am looking for some that have aceptable sound, and supress outside noises, I accept other recomoendacion  in this range of price

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I don't know what your Panasonics go for, but the Koss KE 29s are 24 bucks at Walmart, that's cheap, and they sound surprisingly good.

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Not sure what your max budget is, The ECCI PR100 isolates quite well and is one of the best performers in the sub$25 range. 


Edited: I just checked that the HJE120 cost about USD6-10. At that range, I would say just go for it. If not, I think you can try the Kanen KM92 wooden in ears for about $4. 


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I'd consiter the MEElectronics M9 that currently has for $15.  I haven't heard these, but the reviews are decent.  You just missed M6s for $18 last week.  I bought a pair and love them, now they want $35.

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