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It looks like i'm gonna go with either the M1 or M3, right now i have the MEE M9s and they have a bit too much bass so the M2s seem to be the odd man out. Anyone heard the M9s and can compare them??

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Ok guys, So I got my M3s today, did a very little listening session before burn in... Overall is pretty much what I expected, The bass and the highs are way better than on my PX-100, mids are sweet!  I found the sound pretty balanced. I wonder if they will significantly improve after burn in.


Nevertheless I have to confess that I'm an IEM newbie, these are my first pair! The thing is.... how the f... do you handle the cable memory? I'm wearing them over the ear and the cable just keeps twisting, it really pisses me off.... do you have any advice on this? 


Also, I understand IEMs are somehow "fragile" , do you have any advice to make them last longer? My PX-100s are in perfect shape and they are 6 years old... I'm pretty careful with my gear. 



Thanks in advance!

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My advice for the cable memory is to get a very small rubber band (black obviously) and use it as a "chin slider" to keep the headphones taught under your chin and over your ears.  You'll have to fold it over and over itself to get it tight enough, but the rubber holds it in place pretty well.  The smaller the band, the better obviously!  That's what I had to do with my M3s.

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@dbdyntsty25 Thanks! I'll try that,

Did any of you feel a downgrade in performance during burn in? My M3s have been burnning in for about 20 hours and I could almost swear that they were sounding a bit better out of the box. 


Placebo effect of new headphones? My hearing is not very good today? What do you guys think?



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My wallet is always worried but I got the R1's out of sheer curiosity I wonder how the dual driver brethren compares to the now venerable M3

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i know not for i have not heard the R1

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Hi, guys. Did somebody compaired M3 with sennheiser cx400, cx870 orIE 4? Which one is better? Help me, please!
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no i dont think so but if i had to guess senns tend to be quite V shaped.  the cx400 should be fairly low end. the 870 not sure and the ie4 i saw said it was basically a cx500 but there is very little on them.


the m3 is likely to be much more balanced and guessing they are likely to be better sounding for the money.  (i am guessing they all about the same price since you asked about them)

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Thank You, Mark2410! I think You ia right. I listened senn cx400....really Vshaped. Especially after Astrotec ax7:))))
I will try Brainwavz.
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brainwavz R1 vs m3??? m3 still wins hands down... R1 is a good earphone however.. compared to m3.. m3 has a better sounding in overall sound signature. 


R1 also rather v shaped.. 

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I just want to say that I really love my Brainwavz M3s.  This for me is the best bang for the buck purchase I ever made.  I upgraded my IEM to a much more expensive one but I never got rid of the M3 and still listen to it from time to time.  Truly great!

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I got my M3's when they were first released, and put them through alot of  wear and tear.  They survived alot of abuse, but they survived THIS far before crumbling in my bag.  The suckers are pretty darn resilient.


I am going to buy another pair, seriously these little ear phones don't make me miss my more powerful system.  Their clarity is excellent, bass is extremely punchy(not muddy and dull like dedicated bass phones).  Sound stage is preserved very well, probably the most 3 dimensional sound staging I have heard (given the song treats your eats to such noise).


Seriously if you only use one earphone/headphone these could seriously be IT.  Just don't expect to pair it with a powerful amp(the amp powering most headphone jacks is good enough anyway).

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I have a problem with my M3. It's ok when it's at its low or mid volume. But when I make it louder, I start hearing a buzzing noise. Do you have the same problem too?

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Originally Posted by xaioi1108 View Post

I have a problem with my M3. It's ok when it's at its low or mid volume. But when I make it louder, I start hearing a buzzing noise. Do you have the same problem too?


Do you get the same exact noise when you listen to the same audio files on different devices (i.e. your PC, phone, mp3 player etc).

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