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SHURE E2 monitor id help...

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Whats up all,,,I love music.

  Well last year I got a new set of SHURE in ear monitors/earbuds,,, payed $140 I think,,,but I don't know if they are the E2g, E2c of what,, they are all black like these...


they are by fare the best headphones I have ever had in my ears but I want to find out which ones they are so I can find a DAC to get the most out of them,,,,for a in ear monitor they have very fine sound as is, but I want more.....

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Can't see the picture, mate.

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they could be E2G or SCL2 , but most likely e2g since it's more available to consumers. e2c has a clear shell

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If they look anything like these they are either the scl2, e2g or se102. If they are clear they are the e2c. They are all the same earphones.



Actually, the one's above are the se102, the e2 and scl2 have a more conventional plug, you get the gist anyway. The fake one's mostly look fairly good too, though I doubt there are many left still selling now.

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