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Originally Posted by WillHughes View Post

Never had any problems with mine, (purchased new in July), they have fixed the problems that existed in early batch models...


Only problem I have with the HDP is that the volume sometimes doesnt go low enough, you have to have the dial @ 9 oclock or higher, I can adjust computer volume but I would just prefer to do it on the HDP, oh well...

Yea I feel you on wanting to just turn the dial on the HDP.  My HDP is seated kinda high on my desk so I just ended up keeping it's volume at 12 o'clock vertically and control the volume through foobar. 

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My first post on the forum, so I'm not planning to say too much right now, other than the NuForce HDP indeed must be one of the products I peronally feel have high VFM. And, not to forget, is a good match to my headphones, including the HD800.

If I use the NuForce HDP as a DAC in addition to its amp, I perceive the sound a bit dull compared to using the Abrahamsen DAC. I guess that DAC is not too well known on this forum, but since telling more about that DAC will be OT I won't.

Bottomline I guess it's that synergi between the components that make it wothwhile to spend hours each day listening to music. smily_headphones1.gif And, I strongly believe that the NuForce will be in my rig for a long time.

That's all. I'm gonna spend some time at this forum, I guess. A lot of good stuff to read during that long head-fi journey I commenced some months ago.
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Thanks for contributing and welcome to Head-Fi.

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Soulsyde, where in NY are you?  Will you be able to make it to the Saturday March 19th Head-fi meet?  I'd love to hear your HDP.  

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I'm from Schenectady.  Thanks for the invite but I have been traveling a lot for work lately and I won't be able to make it.

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Ah, too bad, I figured so if you didn't live in the city.


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How can I improve the sounstage of HDP ? Am I buy external psu ? 

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How would the HD/HDP stack up against the E7/E9 combo?

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I currently have an E7/E9 and was looking into this upgrade. I have a pretty sensitive pair of headphones in my w1000x, 42 ohms. I can't get to the e9's sweet spot of 9-12 o'clock without turning the volume down almost all the way. So my question is do you think I will have trouble reaching the HDP's sweet spot? And going along with that, I understand the HDP's volume control has notches, so do you think there will be a problem with the volume going from too low to too high between them for sensitive headphones?


Sorry if this is worded badly, I don't really know how else to put this.

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just ordered one of these, anxiously waiting to hear how they will sound with my 325is and m50s. i've read that these can be a bit bright for grados, but i'll be the judge of that :)


i've had the hd650s on my radar for a little while and getting the HDP will make owning a pair possible in the future. now, the trick is how do i convince my girlfriend that a 5th pair of headphones is necessary? truth be told, i've made it a bit easier now that i found a new job with a higher salary, in large part to afford better audio gear hehe.

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got the Icon HDP yesterday and the few hours i've spent listening to have been amazing, especially with hd tracks. They mesh really well with grado 325is, the HDP gives those cans substantially more soundstage. Everything is crystal clear, no hiss even when turned up high. really really great amp DAC combo. would have been nice if it were USB powered, though.


i haven't had the time to do A/B testing with vs.without, but from the reactions of my colleagues, friends and family there is definitely a discernible "wow factor" when playing them tracks off of the head-fi "open your ears" and ultrasone headphone test cd than there was sans HDP.


looking forward to many more hours of critical listening and will probably post a review once i've really gotten to know the device.


considered the Maverick Audio D1 DAC but decided against it once i found out that it uses the same DAC chip as my 6th gen ipod classic (cirrus logic). definitely worth the price and paves the way for a pair of hd 650s and other higher impedance headphones down the road. if you're thinking twice about ordering this unit because you're unable to test it out, don't, just get it.


oh and i should also note that i was thoroughly impresses that i got the unit shipped from san jose to toronto in less than 24 hours with expedited shipping through FedEx (expedited vs. economy was only $4 more).

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Congrats on getting an HDP!  Hope you continue to enjoy it.  Btw, external power is an advantage because it is cleaner and less subject to interference.  Also, the external power supply can be upgraded at some point if you ever want.  Supposedly that further improves the performance although I haven't tried it so can't say from personal experience.   The HDP pairs exceptionally well with the HD650's imo.








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i just got my HDP and pairing it with some ESW9's. there is obvious hiss just one click of the knob turning on. the hiss fades around 11 o'clock which is a good listening level but i can still hear a faint hiss. anyone else with ESW9's that can verifiy this and it isn't just me? i'm running optical to my PC but i tried it via USB and it was the same result.

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Nice Review!!

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Here she is in all her glory...




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