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I need to get a pair of wireless headphones for my Dad to watch TV. He's older and lost hearing in one of his ears and probably has some hearing loss in the other one. Anyway he compensates by turning the volume up on the TV which drives my Mom nuts. So I'm thinking wireless phones would be a good solution. SQ isnt an imperative but I was thinking The Sennheiser RS120. It seems like they provide above average SQ and there are no comfort issues from the various reviews and thoughts I've read.


The actual decision on the phone though is not really the reason for the thread. We (they), I live with them are fetting a new plasma and a new home theatre system (that came yesterday) and I'm wondering what the best way to hook up the transmitter for the phones would be. Is anybody else using wireless headphones for watching TV.


What I want is for the phones and the speakers to work at the same time, so he doesnt have to get up and unplug anything.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts and help.