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Beware remastererd vinyl, a lot of it is crap.

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How is possible to be aware? Can you identify the albums you were disappointed with?

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Most of the time a cd, record, or a copy of a recording in general will be labeled as "remastered"......some are good some are bad....no tell tale signs other than by listening i guess.

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I have a question, can a new, undamaged and clean vinyl on a decent turntable in good condition play for 60 minutes (you can restart it) without any parasitic noise attributed to vinyl playback, ie. clicks, pops, hiss, crackle...

If yes, could it do so aver 5 hours?

If it stays clean **there is no groove wear or scratches** - you don't put your hands all over the grooves or let dust/hair get all over it, it will play great many times. Vinyl gets dusty/dirty eventually, so it is more of a chore than CD's, but a chore I enjoy. Clicks from static arent really a problem unless you live in a desert.


About new pressings- I am wary of them; some of the machines used to press vinyl are ones running from the 70's, and the old machines or new vinyl craftsmen seem to not be keeping the pressing quality up to par. I've gotten a few warped re-presses from Capital, and some from Simply Vinyl that skipped/mistracked when new. I have also gotten new first-pressing vinyl from new artists that was great. My rule is: if you like old music and don't mind cleaning/sorting, go with vinyl. If you like new music, go with cd- its cheaper and you can avoid bad modern vinyl pressings. Clicks/pops arent an issue if you like to be clean and painstakingly look for Near Mint quality vinyl.

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