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Cryogenic Treated Zana Deux

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I have enjoyed my Zana Deux # 17 for over one year. I rolled the tubes, upgraded the umbilical cord, tried various power cords, and power conditioners. The final system sounds wonderful. Marantz SA11-SA1- AudioQuest Cheetah innerconnects with 144 volt DBS system, Zana Deux with Valvo or Ultron 6SL7GT driver tube, Stephan Audio Arts umbilical cord, Sennheiser 650 phones with Stephan Audio Art cord, Black Sands Violet power cord to the SACD player, and an Alan Meyer studio reference power conditioner.

I sent the whole system as above to Cryogenics International in Scottsdale, Arizona to be cryogenically treated. Turnaround time door to door was 8 days. Cost was approximately $7.00 a pound plus shipping.

This treatment has significantly improved the system and my listening pleasure. The background noise is lessened, the sound stage is much improved, note decay is better, texture of instruments is improved.

This has been a very rewarding experiment.

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Is that what have they done to your equipment? Copied from here http://www.cryogenicsinternational.com/audio.htm


Just wonder what would be the next step, sending to the guru in Himalaya?


Thanks for sharing, interesting stuff.


What our process does:

Metals and plastics respond very well to our precise deep cryogenic process. The reasons are as follows. During the cooling or solidification phase of the manufacturing process, molecules are trapped in a haphazard pattern. This random placement causes obstacles for electrons and/or light when encountered. This interference can cause noise, slow down electron flow and will negatively affect the quality of the music being played. At very cold temperatures (below -315°F), the molecules will align in a more uniform, compact structure through the removal of kinetic energy. When the material is returned to ambient temperature, this new uniform, compact pattern is maintained. This process makes a permanent change and the benefits do not deteriorate over time or upon return to operating temperature.

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Zana Deux owners and past owners know the True Guru lives in California and goes by the alias -Craig Uthus! The treated system continues to impress me. It would be quite informitive to compare my system to a non treated system and a Balancing Act system. On the question of treating CD's, this is a major improvement for both regular CD's and Sacd's. I would recommend that USA  head-fiers send your favorite 7.5 pounds of CD's to be treated (At Cryogenics International) there is a $75.00 minimum charge at $9.00 a pound). I think it is a better investment in sound than buying that next Mullard 6SL7GT tube on E-Bay. My next shippment of CD's and tubes to C.I. may include the tubes I bought from Blackmore!

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