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Should I Get Shure SE425?

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I have a pair of ER-4P, so looking for something with more bass. I don't want to spend $500, but $300 is fine, so I'm looking at the Shure SE425s. In comparing with the 535 the curve is almost exactly the same except for 535 has more low end response- makes sense due to the extra low end driver.




What do you guys think?


I'd say if the curve is almost identical with 535 then why pay extra $200?

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I Think you should go for the TF10s.  They're supposed to be very close to etys except with more bass

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if you want more bass, then shure is out. (only the 535 have a lot of bass!) and the shure is very neutral, but the ety too...

yes, the TF10 has enough bass, expeacilly deep bass! (the sm3 also!)

and the um3x is also a choice. (mid bass) and the w3 are the bassiest triple iem!

(yes, but they are much more expensive then 300$ if they are new!)

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