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For Trade: Monster Turbine Pro Gold

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send a PM to take the next step.

For Trade:
Monster Turbine Pro Gold

Will Ship To: USA

I have a set of Monster Turbine Pro Golds that have barely been used. They have all the supertips, both gel and foam (unopened).  I have all the packaging and they haven't been used much.  


They were a gift and it just seems too cheeseball to sell them so I'm looking for a trade.  But, I also have the Copper's and IE8s and they are all so similar that I never use the Golds.  I would love something totally different.  I'm specifically looking for Shure SE535's.  I'd trade these and toss in some cash if anyone has any.

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Do you think Klipsch custom 3?

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Interested in trade and cash for Shure SRH840? PM me if so.

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