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How does the new AKG K 540 sound?

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Released in September, and I haven't seeen one review of this can! Anyone listened? Comfort? Mp3 compatible?





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Calling Head-Fi resources again.

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I'm interested as well

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"Helmet" corresponds to the French word casque, which means both headphones and... helmet.


This headphone is supposedly, according to AKG, uncoloured and flat, without the common taste of today bass and treble exaggerations.


Any serious reviews? In-depth listening?


Wake up, dear, dear community!


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It certainly looks comfortable.  Now I too wonder how they sound. 

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[Update] After some 60h of burn-in they sound much tighter and the depth below 500hz has improved significantly. I'm real happy i got them instead of anything else right now.  


Bought these yesterday at a local store. 


Since im new to the headphone scene and hi-fi gear, I cant give in-depth info on these.


What I can say is; they are ultra comfortable, lightweight and sits well on the head, no headbanging allowed tho.

The only pair i owned before these was Sennheiser HD238 open back.


The sound is open and airy with great upper mids and highs. I only wish there was more depth into the lower freqs. Tho this isn't a really big issue.


My music of choice is 90% of the time is metal/rock in all its shapes and forms. Handles fast drums and riffs great, but the sound of cymbals and other percussion is what makes these shine imo


Since im new it is really hard to give them any rank. Im just gonna finnish by saying: If you like rock/metal, and want clear details and pretty forward-sounding cans these are for you.


These play well with my D2+

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I know this is a old post, but they absolutely suck. Vocals sound really harsh and unnatural, mids and highs are too warm, and bass is decent. They're a complete rip-off for $100...

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