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Help with recording setting. Urgent

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Could anybody please help me with the recording setting for a research project in acoustic phonetics?


I was collecting some pilot speech data for pitch and intensity analysis on Praat, but something seemed to have gone wrong with the equipment configuration. I was using Sony ECM55B lavaliere condenser mic mounted on the speaker's shirt about 20cm from mouth, and the mic was connected to a Marantz PMD660 flash recorder, both on loan to me. The output should be 16 bit mono PCM sampled at 48KHz. I wanted mono recording but when I transfered the files onto the PC they turned out to be stereo with left channel recorded with speech (mic plugged into left channel) and right channel blank.


On GoldWave the waveform for blank right channel is just a thin red line through the whole file, showing no real sound, but when the same sound file is opened in Praat for speech analysis, the right channel is not absolutely silent and instead shows an aperiodic waveform. This of course would make the pitch and intensity measurements inaccurate.


If I use GoldWave to save the sound as mono, the resulting energy level becomes only half of the original left channel. But if I use the channel mix tool to have two identical channels using the original sound of the left channel, both at full level and then save to mono, then the resulting energy level appears to be the same as the original left channel. Could anyone kindly explain this? Can the new file be treated as mono-recorded?


As I am not familiar with the equipment, I suspect it was due to a wrong setting on the recorder. I will record more data tomorrow, but this time with the help of a media engineer so hopefully it will be all right. But can anyone help with the already recorded sound?


Thanks in advance!

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try this maybe?



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