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For Sale: FS: Custom TF10 Fisher remolds

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For Sale:
FS: Custom TF10 Fisher remolds

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am getting rid of my custom tf10s remolded by fisher. I have had them for a few months but have not really listened to them much since I bought the sm3s. Of course they will need to be remolded but that is a pretty easy process. I paid full price for my tf10s not the cheap amazon price a few months back.(can be proved). So I was to see if anuyone is interested in buying them and having them remolded. Im asking $150 for them. I am at work now so I dont have any pics at my office. If i get any interest in these I will post pics when I get home. They come with a silver UE custom cable that has turned blue and I have the original cable that came with them aswell as the cable purchased from fisher hearing. Let me know if interested.

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How much does it cost approx. to remold them again via Fisher or Unique Melody ? and honestly do these retail the original TF10 sound signature after remolding ? I might be interested if the overall expenses turns out to within a budget.
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