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need recording interface with good DAC, suggestions?

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I need to get a new recording interface, but I would like it to double as my DAC for listening to my FLAC files as well.  PC running windows 7.  I know a lot of people use the emu 0404 as a standalone DAC.  Does anyone else have suggestions for recording interfaces with good DACs?  Lets say $300 max for budget at the moment.  I have no problem buying used either.  

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Is this the right forum for this?  Would source components be better?

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There are a bunch of interfaces that would suit you. E-mu gets a lot of press here, although honestly I have no idea why. M-Audio has several options, as does Focusrite, Mbox, Behringer, etc.


What type of interface do you want? pci/usb/firewire/etc...

How many inputs/outputs do you want?

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I would be looking for a firewire or USB.  Inputs, i would really only need 2, as that is probably the max i would record simultaneously ever.

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M-Audio makes a lot of good stuff, with their usb FastTrack line being quite common. A couple years ago I used their Firewire Solo which I thought had a nice warm sound through the headphone output. M-Audio has been known to have issues with drivers though, although I haven't tried their stuff with Win7. 


Echo Audio makes some nice gear for firewire, though it's been a few years since I've used any of it. I do remember liking the sound from their gear more than M-Audio, although they cost a bit more as well.


I currently have a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB which I reviewed here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/472484/review-focusrite-saffire-6-usb

So far it has been the most stable (in terms of drivers) audio/recording inteface I've used.


The best thing to do is head down to your local guitar center and see what they have available. Then shop around for the best prices online and get your local store to price match, in case you ever need to return it. From my experience, getting recording gear to play nice with your software and other hardware is tricky. Sometimes you just have to try a couple different ones until things work.

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Im going to bump this, my 0404 is just not working.  The drivers will never be updated and I cannot get rid of clicks and pops with windows 7x64 for the life of me. 

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Mine is fine with windows 7x64 , I don't think it's a windows 7 problem.

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