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Mine only had balance issues when it broke after more than one year of usage. It didn't have a balance issue when it was working normally.

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Originally Posted by Prashanth R View Post

Has anyone here had balance issues with your EQ5?


The soundstage in mine seems to be a little skewed to the left..



Not at all, that's seems strange.  They shouldn't be sounding like that so either there's a problem or maybe your not getting a good seal or something, I've been using them all day (well really every day) and haven't noticed any defect in the sound.

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I changed R to L , and still noticed the eccentricity in soundstage.. so it has to be be the earpieces.. I'm a little concerned with the +/-20% tolerance..

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Just ordered some of these. biggrin.gif

Thanks to TechnoKid for the recommendation.

MusicaAcoustics still have them at a limited sale price of $199, which was already supposed to be changed to $249.
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these are AWESOME. the imbalance was due to a bend in my ear.. it's a true top tier..

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That is some quick and reliable service! :D

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Man, these beauties are balanced and sweet! As well as precise and fast! smily_headphones1.gif
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Loving these babies! cool.gif

Little tin found in the expensive tiny box...
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Simply one of the BEST phones ever

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I am so pleased with these EQ5s, I feel they are stellar.   They really have for lack of a better word than balanced, a vivid saucy sound.

Yes the bass is more accurate than heavy.  


I believe some of the perceptual balance issues people have are related more to fit.  I actually tryed to use a medium on the left ear

and a large on the right, just to test fits and how it affected balance and basically made myself crazy.  Went all big tip and really

certain things I had listened to before had more pan and the soundstage of the EQ-5 highlighted it.  I have been running it from a

Tralucent T1 amp and LOD, this is so strong, wide and vivid.


Even directly out from source they are wonderful



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I'm still totally loving these babies. biggrin.gif

Even selling my Yamaha EPH-100s, simply because I think I won't use them at all anymore.
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Just been given a set of these for an article I wrote. Initial impressions are excellent, will report back once I have got some more hours on them
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So far preferring the comply tips over the silicones, feels a little more refined sounding,vocals are nicer and transients have a little more snap.. More to follow but so far preferring these to my ER4S's and FAD Heaven S.. Though it is a country mile off the PF's (as they should considering the price difference!) but still, for loud environments I think I have found a new favourite!

Just checking their site, have they stopped production of the 7's? can't seem them there, just these.
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I am seriously considering getting some EQ5's. I live in South Korea and the price here is very good. However, I have a few other iems on my shortlist and I am curious to know what people think about them in comparison.


Ety HF5

Hififman re262

Head Direct re0

Brainwavz B2


Unfortunately, DBA-02mk2, Rockit r50, and Vsonic GR07's are not available here or above my price range.


My music taste is mainly indie rock, some dance, some electronica (and I'm not Korean as someone made a mistake of presuming in a previous post and recommended the best iems for KPop to me!).


I previously owned Westone UM1s and Klipsch s4's and I preferred the UM1s by a mile.


Thanks in advance.

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You can get the e-Q5 from Musica Acoustics and I think they ship to S. Korea.  Even though I sold mine they're still one of my all time favorite IEM's and they work well with every type of music, at least everything I through at them.

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