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For Sale:
SOLD: AKG K1000 #10092 - Basically NOS

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought these in April 2010 and they were unused at that point.  I have used them maybe 2 hours.  Here is the text from the ad when I bought them:


"I bought them from an owner who said he never used them. They were purchased when he bought AKG microphones several years back. He purchased this K1000, but never used them due to him using his speaker setup. They have sat unused in the cherry wooden case until now.

I inspected the phones myself and they are as the seller described. No sign of use other than maybe very very small wrinkles in the temple pads due to age. The lettering is perfect and there are no cosmetic blemishes of any kind. The xlr4 termination has no marks showing that they have never been used as well. This sale comes with the original boxes and all included accessories and adapter."


I will offer them for what I paid: $1340 shipped.  Paypal preferred, but cash works too.


This set is truly pristine, not many of them around like this anymore.


Check the archives for my feedback and my name at Audiogon is askat1988.  US sale preferred, will consider international. 


Thanks for looking.

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