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Best ,cheap IEM

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I'm looking for my first IEM experience.

My budget is 25€ (35$)


I found :


Brainwavz M1


Soundmagic PL-30


Are there other cheap, decent IEM's ?


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Lots. Read joker's set of reviews that are sorted by price range:

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M1s are only $30 till november 5 then the price goes up to $40.
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IMO, the best cheap IEM on earth is by Urban Ears.  They have a very limited bass range, but the bass within that range is sophistocated and well articulated, not at all gaudy.  The mids and highs are also decent, and the build quality is absolutely superb- the cord on these is indestructable.  The soundscaping sucks, but for $35, you get what you pay for. Also, the buds snap together, which is cool, and they come with an awesome warranty.  The only downside is that the tips suck, to the point that I used some spare tips from my Turbines for them instead.

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Dude... Forget 30 dollar buds, even 20 dollar buds.

This thread has a 10 dollar jewel that slays the dragon known as the Etymotic ER-4, a 300 dollar IEM.

Enjoy, Jim
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I second the Philips 3580 recommendation. $7 if you have a TJ Maxx nearby.
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Monoprice 8320 if you don't mind a lack of isolation.

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Monoprice 8320. I second that. Or, take a look at the JVC HAFX101 Xtreme Xplosives if you want more bass.

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Why don't you try Kicker EB92? I think they're pretty good

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