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Duribility of hje900 drivers

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I have been doing quite a bit of research on the hje900 and I know that the shell and the cables are very durable but I have read about some people having problems with the earbuds becoming defective by losing volume or having one earbud stop working. Is this a common problem with these earphones, what kind of warranty does panisonic offer?
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I was burning mine in last week and I checked them, my stomach sank as only one side was working.  I unplugged them, plugged them back in, and both worked again -- I didn't have them plugged in all the way.  


Panasonic/Technics has a good reputation -- I'm not expecting any problems with the drivers.

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I've had them for a month or so and haven't had any issues with the drivers.

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can someone who has has these earphones for several months comment?

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had em for a month no driver trouble yet.

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I maybe cannot provide any input on the failing after months of use, but I did receive a pair of these this past week with a faulty driver out of the sealed box which to say the least has left me seriously reconsidering whether or not I should consider owning these any further. By Sunday this week I should get my money back via paypal plus I am maybe going to be left with the dud pair I was sent seeing as the people I bought them off don't want returns.


Any reply's in this thread  of yours Rufus could make it that I decide this earphone is a dodo, because if there is anything I could not be less interested in it is another earphone that's unreliable because of some aspect of its design that's flawed.

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ive had them for three months now and i abuse them. but they have been perfect drop after drop. 

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I've had mine seriously abused mine in the 9-10 months of owning them(I've had them since january or February, not sure)and they show no semblance of dying. Very soon after getting them I dropped them on concrete and a jogger ran over them and they got not a single scratch. Lemme drop them to the floor right now and step on them *checks sound* Still fine. I used a case the first couple of months, then got tired of it so now I just throw them into my pockets..

My original cables started to go out because one of my dogs was chewing on them. I've had a bit of misfortune with the replacement Sleek Audio cables though, both I've bought have been slightly defective out of the box.

The main issue with these is the nozzle filters falling out, which seems to be a quality control issue with the manufacturing process. However, this is not a serious issue at all as it is remedied so easily, and opens the path for foam modding. There do seem to be a couple of defective drivers out there, but they've been going strong for most of a year for me and show no signs of slowing down. If anything, their sound has become refined.

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Got these IEMs mid-January, so almost a year now.  The cable crapped out on me last month but I'm very hard on my gear so it's not completely surprising, the actual drivers themselves are still great though, I rigged up a DIY cable and they sound better than ever.  This new cable's starting to break down too though...

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I bought a NIB pair of these off Ebay recently and was completely thrilled.....for about a month. Just like someone said earlier, one day the sound just started going out and then failed completely. I unplugged them and plugged them back in and that worked briefly, but now there is no sound at all in one driver. I switched them and even bought a Sleek Audio SA-6 cable just to make sure that it was not the cable and confirmed that the driver just quit working. I called Panasonic and they have the replacement drivers for $88.00 but they are on back-order. Very discouraged......any ideas?

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Over a year and no problems whatsoever. I carry them around in the pouch but I have dropped and banged them into things more times than I care to count. They work perfectly. Filters fell out though, just as was said above. No change in sound resulted.
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where can I find these to buy?





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i've had them for 12 months when one side fell apart into two parts right where the visible line is. seems like the glue gave in... thank god my local panasonic support could replace them and they're now again in use for 6 month without problems. but every time i'm getting slightly panicked when they fall on the ground - especially on hard surfaces because they make a real loud noise when hitting it. 

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I just received these after three days of very careful use one of the drivers has died on me.

What can I do?

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