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What would you do in my place?

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I have both HD555 and HD650 and a Shanling PH100 headphone amp.


I've moved to a speaker system for all music and a decent 5.1 for computer gaming...


Sometimes when I play games, I need to use headphones so I have HD555 plugged into my receiver. The HD650 w/ Shanling PH100 amp just collecting dust. Do you guys think it's worth using the 650 over the 555s with the receiver? Should I just stick with the HD555 and sell the other stuff? I don't see myself ever needing to use again really... the speakers are better and more convenient smily_headphones1.gif


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Sell the stuff you don't use.

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One more vote for selling the other stuff.

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I'd also sell what you aren't using. Might as well pass it along to someone who will use it.
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I would buy 72 more pairs of headphones and build half a dozen amps.


Don't do what i would do. If you're really not into it, sell it.

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"consolidate and sell!"

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Check to see if the headphone out on your 5.1 receiver can power the hd650's then sell the other amp and the 555's.  

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Thanks for the input everyone. I am pretty sure the receiver can handle the headphones (it's an older pioneer elite) but if I'm just playing games I don't find quality matters that much. I've decided to sell my good stuff with mixed emotions heh.

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It's hard to sell at first, but it's definitely the way to go.

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It can sometimes be hard to sell something that you have enjoyed inthe past, even if you don't use it anymore...but it is a good idea though.

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