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Help! Totally overwhelmed with choice!

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Hi there!

I am hoping that you can really help me out here and save my brain from mindblowing indecision!  I am looking for an in-ear headphone set that costs less than £100.


*  I saw the Klipsch Image S4 audio and the Phonak audeo PF Bass 012 and had no idea which one would suit.  Are these good choices?


*  I am looking for a set that offers good quality audio and also a sturdy design. I had the Dr Dre in ear set last time and they cost me a good deal of money and the wires became exposed at the earphone within weeks - and I looked after them dearly! The last thing I want to do is spend £100 and have sound cut out or something. I am totally aware that there are more expensive in ear headphones on the market that are of top-notch quality, but I really do have to stick with a budget of £100. The music I listen to is alternative, garage, trance and some hip-hop.

* On a separate note, I also had a question about the Phonak 012's iPhone control. As this model also doubles up with an iPhone mic, does this take away from the sound quality in any way? I mean you'd think with such a feature that you'd be getting less sound quality for your money but I'm probably wrong.


*I was looking at the Bose mobile in ear headset but had this concern also, and was also put off by the lack of reviews on the internet.

As you can see I have totally overthought everything due to being so desperate, so if you could give me some advice I'd be incredibly grateful.  By all means rubbish all of the brands/models I have 'shortlisted' - you guys know way more than I do so your recommendations would be very welcome!

Thanks for reading

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I owned the Image S4 IEMs but there broken now. The left piece just stopped working, but if I were to move the cord around by the connector it would work. It kept on getting worse and worse until now where I can't here out of either side. I had owned these for about 9 months before they broke. now I got a pair of Sennheiser 555s and there great but there full-sized and for home use, you wouldn't want them. I just thought I would tell you about my troubles with the S4s.

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Thanks Youngblood, it is always good to get feedback from users about their experiences, I will definitely bear it in mind.


Anyone else have any suggestions?? smily_headphones1.gif

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Hi Bumblebee, welcome to Head Fi! As the mantra goes, sorry about your wallet.


Can you tell us a little more about your requirements in terms of sound - bass, treble, mids etc? Did you like the sound of your Dr Dres? How important is isolation for you? And are iPhone controls a requirement?


The two models you've looked up - the S4 and the Phonak seem well suited for you if you want a bit of bass. I suspect that that Phonaks will be more durable - I haven't seen many complaints with the new revision models, whereas I read about all kinds of issues on the Klipsch side from the S4i to the flagship X10i. Maybe owners of those specific models can tell you more though.


I can give a recommendation that the Etymotic MC5/MC3 or HF3 will be a sturdy set of earphones with a clear sound and iPhone controls, but perhaps not so great for your hip hop.


if iPhone controls aren't an issue, then have a look at this thread for some good ideas: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-115-iems-compared-monster-miles-davis-tribute-added-10-17


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I have the Klipsch S4 and they are great and I haven't had any problems with them at all and I got them in December of last year.  I use them daily for multiple hours at a time and have to take them in and out of my ear a lot and still haven't had a single issue with them.  The thin cord was a concern of mine at the beginning but it has been rather durable for daily use.  The sound is really good and they make all my music very fun to listen to. The bass is awesome on them too.  I used to have the Bose In Ear before I got the Klipsch and I thought they were so good...until I heard the S4s.  The Bose ones are not really good at all.  The bass is okay but that's about it.  They fall out of your ear easily and have terrible isolation and the treble and detail of the music is almost non existent on them.  


Someone recommended the Etymotic MC5, which I also own.  They easily best the S4s in isolation and the clarity of music is better but the bass can be lacking for some people.  They are good IEMs but I have to listen to them with an amp in order for me to really enjoy my music.

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well you dont say what sound you want and how important the jesus phone controls are to you.  i want to say hf3 but think youll find them bass light so ill say Radiopaq Jazz vhich will be massively under budget


or have a guess and go with something new http://www.advancedheadphones.co.uk/shop/In_Ear.1/Denon.320/AH-C560R-BLACK/Denon_AH-C560R_Mobile_Elite_In-Ear_Headphones_with_3-Button_Remote___Mic.4413.html

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Although my S4s broke, they did sound great. I suppose it is rare that they would break like mine did, but it steal concerns me when I'm recommending something in this price range. heres some companys you should stay away from.


1)  Skull Candy


2) Bose


3) Dr. Dre


4) some sonys


5) anything cheep


and here are a few you should look into. 


1) Sennheiser


2) Grado


3) Audio-Technique 


4) Ultimate Ears


5) Earsonic


6) Denon


7) Beyerdynamic


this is off the top of my head and I'm not sure if all of these sell IEMs but it may help you out

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