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I think one major concvern is the pressure caused by the compressed air chamber. I know that gave me discomfort when using IEM's.

However, I would suggest using Shure tips with the Ety's to lessen this issue.
I notice much less pressure from customs though, probably because all of the excess air is pretty much not captured in there.
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Holy thread resurrection!
2003.12.12 to 2008.06.12
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do feel not good when putting plug into ear cannal. It is pain in the ear
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Never thought Germania will be the one who dig out dead thread, are you sure you're posting in the right thread?

IEM does require some getting use to though... or not
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
Holy thread resurrection!
2003.12.12 to 2008.06.12
Thanks for making me laugh out loud!
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Don't play your music too loud and don't wear them too long. You'll be fine.
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I don't get it. I've heard the thing about not putting anything in your ear, but I don't think it's true.

How can you not putanything in your ears? What about earplugs and hearing aids? Obviously those two along with IEMs have been tested and are considered "safe". Many people wear earplugs for hours at a time at work.

I don't see why if I wear regular earplugs at work it's OK but if I wear IEMs it wouldn't be. They both work in a similar manner. Both go into the ear creating a seal, except IEMs have sound in them.

I know there is some "IEM bias" out there since some do not like the concept or cannot stand the feeling or the pressure caused by the seal.

Personally earplugs and IEMs do not bother me. I wear earplugs and they never bother me. When I first started using an in-ear headphone it some getting used to. I knew what to expect from wearing earplugs. They feel a little strange at first but over time I got used to them and now prefer them over other headphone styles.

The only way I could see in ears being dangerous is if you have the volume crazy loud. If the level is almost full blast, that will cause damage. But I don't see the plug itself causing the damage.
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I use my er4s everyday, usually I will insert only two, only when I listen to really good music, like the Urania, I will insert them all.
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Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post

I have been advised against putting anything at all into my ears, especially something like in-ear phones, which would reside within the canal for extended periods of time. My girlfriend's father, a doctor, and my girlfriend, a med student, both tell me NOT to get the etymotics I desperately want. I couldn't find any discussion on this topic--has anyone heard the same about these phones? Can't remember the medical details--I'll try to post them later.


To the OP!! Something caught my attention. How does the Good Doc use his stethoscope? Seriously? The stethoscope works just like headphones-it goes into the ears. Yet we're not supposed to put anything in our ears.
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I have some in-ear phones as well..
and this is something new for me. didnt ever thought they are used since 2003 :O. However, i have some problems with them. if the users that posted here 5 years ago still follow the thread it would be great :
So.. i use the in-ear phones since a week, and curious how these are, i learned to place them in my ears and listen to some music. The problem is i had a short break of using them for about 4 days and i can still feel that strange way of hearing.. like the air is sucked in , like i would walk by the funicular over the mountain (not really that bad).. i feel my ears clogged.. And when i keep the ears inside and climbing some stairs i get tired to quick, because of the air not circulating all over ..
So i do not hear lowwer since when i use them, coz i kept them at low levels.. but what are this strange issues i mentioned and is there any possible way to get rid of them? will i ever get used with this? Or will this pass away if i make a longer break of using them?
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What about the magnetic fields caused by the drivers for dynamic drivers.
Do they really make you stupid?
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ok nobody read my post... i'll just stop using these earphones for a time. bye
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Originally Posted by Tim D View Post
Also bass is naturally more pleasant to listen to than high treble at higher dbs. You don't see cars with amped up tweeters blasting away on the streets. Regardless I have my doubts that any of those car audio bass lovers come out with their hearing perfectly intact.
i have a 300watt amp driving my tweeters in my car an a 1600watt rockford fosgate driving my sub. wattage is not just the volume but quality also, my hearing is fine, dont be so typical! if its too loud, your too old!
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What were the details, are they warning you about possible infection / direct damage to ear? Or are they warning you about hearing damage? Or both?
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aint warn me anything coz these are not having a pack and manual coz i received them in the same box with the player
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