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ZIgis is the same or little modified version of super simply 6dj8 amplifier ( http://www.head-fi.org/t/402067/a-super-simple-6dj8-headphone-amp/285 )
Nothing special. Very simply design just double triode and some lm317 current regulators, just 2-3 condensators on signal path. Very easy to do.

Possible to get some chinese kit with similar circuit which is 65 GBP completely done but with low quality elements. Still thinking about Project Sunrise

but with postage to UK it makes the price something like 240$


DefQon, have you heard Millet's MiniMax? is it worth to buy the kit from beezar.com? How to compare them both. I though Starving Student is a basic amp in Millets offer.

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Unfortunately I have not tried a Minimax but I have read some good things about it. I have tried there Torpedo before but I sold it as I was getting quite a lot of hum in the background way back before they updated there design.

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Well, ask Zigis: http://www.head-fi.org/u/52399/zigis
He was just one of the people commenting in the thread about the design, I asked if someone would be willing to build one for me (as I don't have skill soldering or building electronics beyond plugging stuff in), and Zigis said he was hoping to make more for sale since his prototype sounded so nice. I'm pretty sure he'll be requesting member-of-the-trade status and putting up an eBay listing soon, he's already sold a handful solid-state amps in Europe and last I heard he had enclosures ready for a few more "Rock 'n Glass" tube amps. That's what he wants to call them by the way, a nod to it's hybrid nature I guess (is a Class-A single-ended triode amp a tube hybrid?)
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Finished allready with Project Sunrise II Kit.  


Price including postage for both of them was simmilar. PS giving the same excellent quality of parts plus more refined design including separate heater supply, IRL transistors etc. 


Now is time to find out some nice schematic or kit for decent low noise PSU / Voltage Regulator for it.


thanx guys for a help with decision.

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Let me know what regulated discrete PSU you end up getting for your SII as I need a few as well.

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I got the Bravo Audio V2 with some modifications suggested by solderdude on the rockgrotto site. It's now driving my new DT880 600ohm cans and it drives them with so little effort.


I also read about the garage1217 tube amps based on a similar design as the bravo audio but for that price I think I'll rather get the bottlehead crack.

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If anyone's looking for a Bravo V2 to mod I've got one for sale on ebay right now. cheaper than retail, and it ships from US.


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I'll be selling one soon, already modded. I'm currently building a Bottlehead Crack gs1000.gif

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Im about to buy one of these for my DT880's 250ohm. Im currently using a cheap behringer amp. If I daisy chain together is that dangerous? Also, what tube is best for bass? 

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Why would you daisy chain them together? Seems unnecessary.
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I've got the Rock'n Glass from Zigis Audio lab, mentioned in this thread. It's the best amp I had so far, some of them even more expensive.

The R&G is in my opinion well worth the money.

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I has been years since I took a soldering iron to my Dyna Pat 5 and Hafler 220(s).  I feel the need for heat.

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Have any of you tried the Bravo as a preamp?   I am interested in trying the tube sound with a pair of powered monitor monitors (Fostex PM0.4Ns).


I have been looking at various (very inexpensive) tube buffers on ebay, but the ability to also use the bravo with my Allesandro MS1s would be pretty cool.  I love to listen to old blues so I thought a tube amp sounds like a good choice.

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