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Hi, I'm looking for some advice on my next IEM purchase. I currently own IE8s and MTPCs. Generally, I prefer my ES10s to both of these for portable use, however, sometimes I need to use IEMs for various reasons including better isolation.


What is the next logical upgrade from the IE8 and coppers without going down the customs route? I do favour impactful bass that extends very low as I listen to a lot of electronic like DnB & dubstep, but as anyone who likes these genres will know, bass is not the only part and so mids and highs remain important.


Some IEMs that I've noted while researching:


Westone 3 - perhaps a bit similar to IE8? Better highs?


Monster Miles Davis - I've read this has better bass than the coppers and IE8, but is it more a of sidestep than an upgrade?


SM3 - perhaps not bassy enough? would it work well with bass boosting?


If anyone could possibly comment on these with electronic or suggest others that might work well with my preferred genres that'd be great.


What I think would be good is if there is an IEM which can be used for most genres with good detail and clarity but when required, I can set the bass boost on my arrow to 2 and enjoy a subwoofer in my head for bassy music. Would the SM3 allow this?


Or perhaps I should just stick to my IE8s with the bass knob on full?