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KSC75-like IEMs

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I've just got a KSC75, the introductive headphone to Hi-fi. It sounds bloodily fascinating! The lows, the highs are just the way I want them to be~...with the only pitfall that the mids are a little bit vague. But that's not a problem to me as I listen to ROCK&METAL basically. Now I've got a new task to be done--picking up a KSC75-like IEM for outside using, any suggestion?(for every price level at best)

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Fischer Audio Eterna and Brainwavz M2. They are great for the price. Probably should check those out if you are on a budget. Or you can grab Fischer Audio's DBA-02 if its within your budget though the bass maybe be a bit lacking if you're a basshead. I listen to rock and metal too btw so far these are quite awesome.

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Thanks for your suggestion~I‘ve been interested in Fischer Audio Eterna since I read a lot of reviews about it. Unfortunately, I cant get one coz I'm in Shanghai, China. I've searched TaoBao,China's largest market on line, but there wont any, even a fake one...

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Probably should get the head-direct re0 but they probably won't have much bass.
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Open, over the ear phones like the KSC75 are a totally different animal than IEMs.  IEMs tend to sound more in the head so its tough to try to match the sound you may be looking for.  With that said the Fischer Audio Silver Bullets sound great for Rock/Metal. Eterna isn't a bad choice either. Brainwavz M2 sound a little too forward for my taste. RE0 are good but I don't really like them for Rock/Metal. Too bad you can't get Fischer Audio where you are, I've found all that I've tried sound better than others in the same price range. 

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how about KOSS KEB79? maybe they are for my taste

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I picked up a cheap pair of Koss KE 29s at Walmart and they sound pretty good. My only use for them is for listening to music when I go to bed, over the head  and my KSC 35s just don't like it when I lay on my side. Anyway I was surprised by their sound quality, nearly as good as my PortaPros and 35s for a measley 24 bucks. I wish there was more discussion about Koss's more expensive IEMs. For all the good luck I''ve had with Koss I'll probably take a chance on a set one of these days.

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