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I stopped in Roswell in early '02, just after they were done consolidating all of the local museums into the big converted theater, which is owned by some of the very same former top Air Force brass that used to run Area 51. I ended up staying an extra day there was so much information to absorb. I still remember the Tex-Mex joint Chepo's, where I literally traded the shirt off my back with a waitress who did the same after a few cervezas. I guess the UFO thing peaked in the late 1990s and they consolidated all the memorabilia after the 50th anniversary of the "event".

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patrick, it sounds like a trip to Roswell is in order for you. biggrin.gif

I had the pleasure of passing through in mid-2009. The UFO Museum was a must, but I was disappointed to find that the crash site was on private land and off limits save for a few excursions each year. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I bought a bunch of little green men at the gift shop - one went to a friend in the UK. He keeps it in his car and is thrilled that it came from Roswell.

I don't buy into the mythology, but I *love* all the paranormal stuff. On the same trip, I stayed in a "haunted" hotel in Bisbee. Didn't see anything, which was a surprise considering how much of the Dave's Electric IPA I consumed.

Like a moth to a flame, the wacky stuff around this country is compelling. I'm trying to figure out how to do a road trip to the various radon health mines in Montana. You read that right. People go into mines that release radon for health improvement. I've been through the sites for the Sunshine and Merry Widow mines and would love to spend a few hours in each. I've been to all sorts of new agey hot springs and other oddball places, so a radon mine is irresistible.

And yeah, this fascination includes magic cables and various audio tweaks. biggrin.gif

Hehe, on another note we all have are problems with alien invasion right....?tongue_smile.gif The shadows are coming alive they won't believe me! 





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